5 Warning Signs You Hired A Wrong Caregiver For Your Senior Loved One

Trusting the right person to to provide senior home care to loved one is definitely difficult to do even in the best of times.  It gets even harder when you realize that perhaps that loved one is not enjoying their quality care. The reality is, sometimes it can be as simple as the fact that you may have hired the wrong caregiver for that special person in your life.  Here are some signs to watch for to see if this is the case when looking in Hillsborough County.

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1. Your loved one avoids their caregiver: If the senior in your life is deliberately avoiding their caregiver, it’s a sure sign that it’s because they are not meshing.  Sometimes it’s an adjustment period, but if the loved seriously avoids their caregiver for a long period of time to the extent that you’re getting concerned, it could be a sign that it’s not a good match.

2. The caregiver is not doing their assigned tasks: Sometimes a caregiver is simply not good at what they do, despite what their resume may claim.  If you notice that the jobs that you assign the caretaker are not getting done, or they are done sloppily, or just plain wrong, you may be experiencing the realization that perhaps it’s not the right person for the job.  In this case, the duties should be repeated to the caregiver and, hopefully, their response should be to improve their work ethic.

3. Your loved one has serious complaints: While it’s normal for all seniors to resent the caregiver, since they still see themselves as being independent and full capable, there is a difference between a complaint and a serious one.  For your sake, as well as that of the senior, it’s a good idea to make sure that these complaints are, in fact, just frustration and not something that is deeper.

4. The relationship is either too stiff or too relaxed: A caretaker will ideally be professional but warm and welcome at the same time to make the senior and other loved ones comfortable with their presence.  If a worker is too stiff even after the adjustment period, or much too relaxed and casual, to the point of being unprofessional, you should take a look at reconsidering their employment.  That comfort needs to be, well, comfortable.

5. The caregiver hovers when you are there: Whether it’s being nosy, or just not understanding the hint, sometimes caregivers can hover and fuss even when you are there and trying to have a conversation with the senior, and they’re in the way or plain eavesdropping.  This is unprofessional behaviour and should be monitored and addressed if needed.

How to avoid it:

That list would be enough to share anyone, but you don’t need to panic.  Simply know where to look for quality care. For the right treatment, in your hunt throughout Hillsborough County, you will know what makes senior home care good and bad, so you’ll be properly armed to enjoy your search while making sure that it is going to be a profitable one.  The relationship between client and caregiver is critical to get right, so make sure you take the time to focus on its importance when on the hunt. All it takes is one negative, or one positive experience to show you how much it matters.

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