Discover The Incredible Healing Power Of Massage

The healing power of massage is often brought up in connection with the health benefits of touch. Mere touch by a loved one or even a stranger can have a calming effect on people in pain, studies have shown. And that’s not all. Over the long term, those who indulge in more touchy feely things, such as cuddles and hugs, tend to show lesser tendencies of depression. Touch is beneficial across age groups. Newborn babies, many doctors recommend, must be touched, patted, and cuddled as much as possible to help boost their immunity.

Discover The Incredible Healing Power Of Massage

Positive benefits of touch also include treatment for people suffering from trauma. Related to that is the power of massage. Massage has been practiced for a long time, possibly even before recorded history. Today, there are many options for you to choose from, be it Eastern practices, European, or modern. From the relaxing movements of the Thai massage to the gentle caresses of the Shiatsu, there are plenty of massage styles to choose from. Hot stone massage, another popular style, incorporates the use of warm stones to reduce swelling and back pain.

Here are some of the things that the healing power of massage can achieve.


If you are recovering from an injury, a massage will boost your chance of faster recovery. Swedish massages, for example, with their emphasis on relaxing the outer musculature, can help the body heal faster. The reason this type of massage is so effective is that it causes more effective blood circulation. This is important for the tissues to heal. Another reason to choose this type of massage would be that the hardened tissues formed after injuries will dissolve more easily, with regular massage.

Chronic Pain Reduction

Sometimes, muscles tend to become chronically painful due to inflammation and being in a state of constant use. Massage styles such as deep tissue will focus on these areas, to ensure that your muscles get the pressure needed to eliminate knots and boost blood circulation. Similarly, neuromuscular therapy involves not only massage for the muscles but also parts of the nervous system where pain originates.

Wellbeing During Pregnancy

Massage for pregnant women offers plenty of benefits. It helps in reducing stress and improving general well being. It also offers relief for inflammation of feet and knee pain. One of the factors to keep in mind would be your safety during the massage. Consult your doctor before undergoing massage and inquire with therapist about options such as special mattresses to cushion your body.

Joint Stiffness

Stiff joints can be painful and they can limit your mobility. You can address the problem to some extent through massage. The healing power of massage can reduce stiffness and thus restore joint mobility to some extent. You would need to keep up a regular schedule for massage to see significant improvement in your condition. For example, those suffering from arthritis are recommended at least 45 minutes of massage preferably three times weekly.

The healing power of massage can create good physical and mental health and boost overall wellness. It works for people across age groups and is one of the least expensive medical or alternate therapies.

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