Easily Repair Your iPad

The iPad is an outstanding device but as with all electronic gadgets, they sometimes give problems. Generally, when some problem occurs we tend to think that some defect has occurred and IPad Repair service is the only option. This is not true. A lot of problems in IPad can be easily repaired through proper troubleshooting and a visit to the apple service center is not always necessary.

Going through easy troubleshooting steps while repairing you can save money and more importantly time as a visit to the service center, leaving your IPad there for them to inspect and rectify, going back once again to collect the device is best avoided.

Easily Repair Your iPad

Let us see how some of the common problems that one encounters while using IPad can be easily repaired.

  1. Fixing the dark LCD display

When the screen is dim, dark or completely black do not panic. Plug in the charger and check if the cause is a dead battery. If it is, then the charging will solve the problem

  • If the battery is well charged then your next option is to do a hard reset. Hold both the power and home button simultaneously for 15 seconds. The apple logo will appear on the screen and the hard reset will be done. Many of the problems get solved through hard reset but this is mostly overlooked.
  • The next step is to check and reinsert the LCD connection cable into the logic board connector.
  • If the problem persists you must go for IPad Mini LCD Screen Replacement.
  1. Dead Spots

The dreaded dead spots on the digitizer are one of the most common problems faced by a number of IPad users. The dead spots are no doubt bad but if they are identified after the repair process has been completed it’s the worst.

  • Always run a quick dead spot test before bonding the adhesive on the digitizer to the IPad. It is very simple, quick and effective. In order to identify a dead spot hold your finger on any of the icons on the main screen on the digitizer.
  • Once you have “grabbed “the icon move it in a grid pattern and cover the entire area of the touchscreen. If the icon drops at any spot pick it up again and move it over the same spot to confirm if that is a dead spot.
  • After identifying the dead spot you must confirm as to whether the problem source is in the digitizer or the IPad. Ensure the cable is properly seated and is evenly placed with ZIF connector.
  • Next, inspect the lock tabs on the ZIF connector, if they are damaged then the connection may not be perfect.
  • In case there is no problem with the two steps you can try with a different digitizer to isolate the source of the problem. If the dead spot disappears then the digitizer has a problem.
  1. Discoloration of LCD
  • The first option is a hard reset as explained above.
  • If the problem persists then disassemble and reinsert the LCD connector.
  • You can even replace the LCD cable and eliminate cable problem if the problem continues.
  • You must change the LCD screen and test with a good one to ascertain if the LCD has gone bad.

Another common problem is a jammed button due to damage to the frame of the IPad. You may have to go for IPad Mini Button Replacement in some cases.


We have seen that by following the easy step by step troubleshooting, many of the problems occurring in an IPad can be rectified easily without having to take it to the service center.

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