How Does Insurance Provide Car Accident Attorneys in Florida

In Florida, there is a wealth of Car Accident Attorneys who are ready and willing to take on your unique case. After a car accident, most people contact their car insurance providers to inquire about making a claim. However, for some people, relevant questions remain specifically pertaining to the relationship between insurance provider and lawyer. Fortunately, here’s a brief explanation on how the system works and tips to properly preparing yourself before an actual accident does happen.

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Duty to Defend

According to many of the top insurance providers, a clause is built into most insurance policies called “Duty to Defend”. In this clause, insurance providers are expected to provide an attorney for your claim after the car accident. Although an attorney can be selected for you, it may be best to choose an attorney you are comfortable with.

No Notice of Claim

If your insurance provider is not notified of the accident within the specified time dictated in your policy then the “duty to defend” is void. Investigate your policy and find the section pertaining to the timeframe in which to make a claim. If you fail to make a claim within the allotted time, your insurance provider may have the right to deny you coverage for your accident and in some cases, may even refuse to provide you with a lawyer. Neither of which are welcomed for those in need. If you have a specific reason for not engaging with your insurance provider, sometimes the timeframe allotment can be ignored, but understand this is for unique and special cases.  Specific reasons for failure to contact your insurance provider can include hospitalization, and being physically or mentally incapacitated after the accident. Educating yourself on the timeframe before an accident happens will allow you to be better prepared in the event that it does.

Intentionally Causing An Accident

If it has been deemed that you have purposefully and intentionally sought to cause an accident, then your insurance provider will be void your coverage and nullifying their “duty to defend”. Insurance providers can to cover negligence in their coverage plans, but they do not cover intentional damage. If you have been found to intentionally cause an accident, you will not be covered or defended in a court of law.

Damages Exceeding Policy Coverage Limits

Lastly, another case that will affect insurance coverage and the availability of a car accident attorney relates to the damages being paid out by the insurance provider exceeding the policy coverage limits. This becomes damaging as once the coverage has been paid out, the insurance provider no longer owe any further dedication to the insured, thereby, leaving you vulnerable to a possible lawsuit from anyone wishing to make a claim. If a lawsuit is apparent, the insurance provider no longer adheres to their “duty to defend” for they have done their job in covering you.

Not all Florida Car Accident Attorneys are capable of handling and preparing complex auto claims. In these instances, the case is often passed on to a more experienced team.

If you are selecting an attorney for your claim, here are a few things to consider in your selection.

Personal Injury Focus

Obtaining the services of an attorney with a focus in personal injury law or auto litigation will provide a better source of defence compared to any attorney that you could acquire elsewhere. The reason being because these field of law are directly associated with your auto accident and accident claim. Each field of law is different, but you require an attorney with expertise in this particular area, especially if you are up against a lawsuit from another with person and their lawyer who has roots in auto litigation. Taking the time to find such an individual will cause you to be better prepared in the eventuality of a lawsuit.

Car Accident Experience

On top of a focus on auto litigation and or personal injury, finding an attorney with the relevant experience in personal injury claims definitively aids to your case. Experience is often called the best teacher. Furthermore, having an attorney who has experienced a wide variety of cases and seen various things within the courtroom will ease your stress regarding the situation; you will have the knowledge knowing you are in the best hands. Not every attorney can boast significant experience in the field, therefore, narrowing your selection with this specification will reveal the best attorney for you.


Alongside experience, you should be looking for an attorney with a great reputation. Reputation, like experience are the signs of a knowledgeable and popular individual. Popularity serves to prove that the individual does a great job and is therefore bonafide. Within your search for an attorney, selecting the attorney with a stellar reputation, will ensure you are best prepared for any lawsuit.

Dedication to Your Case

Accidents can occur at any time, hence, auto accident attorneys are inherently busy also. A busy attorney can be the sign of a popular and credible attorney. No matter how popular this person might be, you need an attorney that is available to fight your case. Finding an individual or team dedicated to you and putting your best interests at heart will not only serve to ease your mind, but will provide your claim with the appropriate investment needed to win your court case.

Comfort Level

Like family members, you will be spending an enormous amount of time with your attorney, investigating your case and divulging plans for your defense. You will need to develop or initially have a comfort level with your attorney. You will need to explain yourself appropriately to avoid issues in the courtroom, so having an affinity with your attorney can best initiate this.

In the event of an accident contacting your insurance provider and car accident attorney within the allotted time should be incredibly important. You will want to ensure that your claim is covered, but also ensure that you are protected under the law. As specified earlier, Florida is home to an abundance of injury lawyers. Using the relevant tips can help you find the appropriate one for you.

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