How SculpSure Can Help You Remove Fat & Slim Down Without Surgery

It is estimated that on average since 1999 Americans have added 15 or more pounds, with 11 year old girls being 7 pounds heavier, boys of the same age have added about an inch height wise but also gained 13.5 pounds compared to their age mates 20 years ago. This was based on 19,151 number of individuals sampled, who underwent interviews and had medical examinations carried out on them at home.

According to the American Center for disease control and prevention and Center for health statistics, it was found that between 1988-2014, men gained 196 pounds and women 169 pounds. This is a pointer to how the need for weight loss has become an issue, with various weight loss treatment regimens being used or proposed and also getting taken up by people desperate to shed off a few pounds here and there.

How SculpSure Can Help You Remove Fat & Slim Down Without Surgery

What is Sculpsure?:It is a fat loss method that uses laser technology/energy to destroy the body’s fat cells by melting them; they are then naturally flushed out by the body’s lymphatic system.

The Procedure:Panels that are grid like get strapped onto the body areas where fat needs to be reduced i.e. inner and outer thighs, chest or the mid-section. A laser, much like a vacuum then gets attached to these panels; fat cells in these areas are then heated which melts them by damaging their cell structural integrity. The damaged cells are then flushed out naturally through the lymphatic system in the body.

This noninvasive procedure lasts only 25 minutes and one needs two such treatment sessions, with a  12 week break between sessions for optimal results.

Do’s and don’ts before a SculpSure fat reduction procedure.:Ensure you are well hydrated before going in for a treatment session by taking a lot of water. Avoid alcohol and coffee. Drinking enough water helps the lymphatic system in flushing out the damaged fat cells after the procedure. You are also advised to avoid the sun and other body creams, oils and lotions. Massaging the area that has undergone treatment for about five to ten minutes also helps break up the fat cells and improves results..

The Effects:Just like the other fat loss treatment or program, getting SculpSure will have an effect on the body, there may be redness on the treated area similar to if you had a tough workout. The fat reduction laser may also cause a warming sensation while it operates and this well tolerated by most patients and is part of the mechanism that helps begin the process of removing fat from the body.

Advantages:It simultaneously treats multiple areas, thus one can reduce fat in different parts of the body in just one session. It also works on all body sizes and shapes and reaches all parts with pinch able and non-pinch able fats. It is safe for all skin types with no side effects. The result period for treatment is short, with visible results within 6-12 weeks. The procedure is non-invasive and takes a very short time. Lastly, Sculpsure is a weight loss treatment method that is both clinically approved and tested by the FDA.

Conclusion:Sculpsure treatment offers a fast, safe and reliable weight loss option to individuals with weight problems or those wishing to lose fat in various parts of their bodies, it’s also gives better results without long term side-effects. The need to lead a healthy life has massively contributed to the manufacture of healthy supplements that individuals can use to cut weight and reduce fat. However when you’ve tried other options and you are looking for a treatment that has been clinically proven to remove up to 24% of the fat in the treatment area for a slimmer and contoured figure, SculpSure is available.

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