How To Install A Corner TV Wall Mount

 Installing a wall mounting for your TV is the way to go when you want to have more shelf space and don’t want to bump into your TV. It is a common solution for many rooms, when space-saving is of big importance.

Keeping the TV up on a wall mount has many benefits, one of which is the fact that it will likely accumulate less dust for you to deal with during house cleaning sessions. Still, there is some difficulty coming from the fact that you will have to still keep up with cleaning service and climb to clean the TV from time to time.

In order to install wall mounting make sure it fits the TV. Swivel the TV in order for the television to be a perfect fit in the corner. The more extension you have in the corner wall, the more you can swing it out to whatever angle you’d like to watch it. Afterwards, tuck it back. Don’t leave it extended as it will only accumulate a lot of dust and make it hard on your house cleaning. A successful TV wall mounting lets you tilt the television up or down. Make sure you check the height to keep it close to eye level. You should double check to see that it is not in a far distant corner and if so, move the seating closer.

How To Install A Corner TV Wall Mount

After deciding how high to set the TV, mark with a pencil where you will then place each screw. Calculate the vertical distance between the screw holes on the mount. Double check that the TV wall mount is even by using a level. Use big screws to drill a pilot hole and be prepared for some home clean afterwards as drilling into your wall usually causes a bit of a mess. Consider what you will be doing with your cables. If you are mounting such equipment on a stud wall it is possible to thread your cable. Moreover, drill a hole into the wall to run your cables. Attach plastic mounts to the back of the television and place them within the mount. Again, double check to ensure that it is levelled.

Managing the installation requires what is known as an IR repeater. An IR repeater allows you to disguise power strips and boxes of cable in an effort to hide them. This can save you a lot of space. For such home refurbishment, using the correct handyman can help establish the right wall to fit any television set and possibly reduce the need for professional cleaning afterwards. All other types of walls require that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Connect your wiring and enjoy your TV after a long and productive domestic cleaning session.

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