Natural Tips For A More Sensual Lips

If you are worried about keeping hydrated and protected skin, even you should do with respect to your lips, since these, besides being one of the most sensitive parts of the body, are those with greater exposure to inclement weather or any accident food.

The lips are a major focus of the beauty of face. With the arrival of cold weather, it is not uncommon to suffer dry lips and parties, in addition to not be beautiful can be uncomfortable. Want to learn some tricks to get the skin smooth and beautiful lips? Do not miss these natural tips for a more sensual lips.

Natural Tips For A More Sensual Lips


One of the keys to a more sensual lips is to keep the body hydrated. We know that drinking enough water every day is a very important health habit, but maybe not you know that keeping the body hydrated impacts the appearance of the lips. When a person is not sufficiently hydrated, the skin becomes dry lips and hand and lips look careless and lines on the sides of the mouth. For soft and sensual lips, make sure your 8 glasses of water.

Coconut Oil

The wonderful coconut oil, among its many properties, has the power to hydrate lips. Apply with fingers a little coconut oil in your mouth once a week and enjoy constant gently on your lips.

Natural Exfoliation

As we perform natural exfoliation treatments in facial skin regularly to remove dead skin cells and revive, you can also exfoliate your lips. A natural recipe: Mix a little sugar and a little honey to form a paste and apply it to the lips will remain very soft and silky.

Moisturize Before Bedtime

As bedtime apply moisturizer on your face and body, it is a good habit to apply cocoa butter on the lips every night. In this way, you ensure constant hydration and help prevent the effect of cold and dry lips.

Solar Protection

The skin on the lips is one of the areas that need more sun protection effect. It is a very sensitive area and it is important to take care to have sensuous lips and silky. Whenever you are outdoors, use a lip moisturizer that holds filter UV protection. There are many options with protection from traditional lip glosses to moisturizing and nourishing butters classic lip balm.

Now we just apply some balm on your lips every day, especially before exposure to the weather and when you go to bed.

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