Read These Facts Before Buying Your GROUND POWER UNIT

Now is the time to invest in the best modern ground power units. While FBO owners need to keep their inventories updated with the latest machinery and ground support equipment, they also have to keep an eye on the best, latest ground power units for sale in the market.

But before investing in the same, it is essential you know what ground power units are, how efficient they are and what impact can different ground power units can have?

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Ground power units are aircraft equipment that delivers power in terms of voltage, power, and frequency. These units come in the widest range of variety and serve different purposes. But getting the right power is essential to the functionality of an aircraft GPU. Which is the first point of discussion here.

Power compatibility

When you deal with aircraft equipment, you understand that every GPU delivers a different set of power, but it needs to deliver just the right amount for them to serve the purpose right.

In terms of the aircraft size, a new set of GPUs is required. While a large jet or airline aircraft might require alternate current (AC) electric systems, ranging up to the 400HZ band, a smaller jet would be able to run on 14 to 28-volt direct current (DC). It is important to understand that AC systems allow a high power generation required for bigger aircraft that have a bigger power demand owed to their services such as electric outlets, television sets for passengers, interior lights, the fly-by-wire system and what not.

Common Mistake

Surprisingly enough, one of the first follies when it comes to buying ground power units for sale, buyers prefer the one’s price tagged the least. We can’t blame them since investing in GPUs does not come buying and is an expensive affair.

Another folly is to invest in unchecked second-hand units which if do not work properly can end up in costing you even more than you intended to.

It is important to understand that the ground power units require regular maintenance as well, hence investing in a brand that is industry-relied and reviewed is ideal, and this should come only after doing your research well.

Choosing The Type

When looking at ground power units for sale, you need to define what is the purposes you need the device for. While we internal combustion engines power GPUs but they are not used everywhere. You need to invest in an all-electrical frequency converter that helps convert the electrical power (3-phased) into any specified AC-DC rate.

While fuel power units are time-tested and widely preferred, the problem with these units is that you need to input extra costs in fuel and there is a higher upkeep involved. Whereas on the other hand, we have the electric power units that not only reduce pollution – mind you, both air and noise pollution, they are portable and much easier to work with too. But then at the end, it depends on your usage factor and power needs.

The takeaway

While the above is just a crux of facts on the ground power unit, as a buyer or aircraft industry personnel you need to understand that every ground power unit for sale comes with a hefty purchase followed by an equally hefty maintenance. For completely successful ground operations, make sure your ground support equipment is top quality and does not compromise with the standards, because when dealing in the aircraft industry the stakes are always higher.

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