Rick Casper Diamond Buying Guide- Finding The Right Shape For Your Ring

When you are looking for the perfect diamond for yourself or a loved one, it is important for you to ensure that you have the right shape and quality. Now, the art of buying a diamond should not be made in a rush. It should be planned out well and at the same time, bought from suppliers or shops that are credible and reliable in the market. There are several fake dealers out there and the lack of awareness or education can get you a fake piece at a huge price.

Rick Casper Diamond Buying Guide-  Finding The Right Shape For Your Ring

Understand your diamond better…

Do you know that diamonds are round, oval or square in shape? These are the common shapes that are used in rings and when you are buying diamonds, you need to understand how the shapes fitted in the rings will look! You will see that the shine, brilliance and the radiance of the ring will depend upon the basic properties of the diamond that you should be aware about.

Rick Casper is studying at GIA – an esteemed gemology Institute in California to become a gemologist. He says that when it comes to buying diamonds, you need to be careful. You cannot just walk into a shop and expect the stone sold to you to be real. The Rick Casper Diamond buying advice is you should always take some time to understand the 4 C’s of Diamond- Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. He says that diamond stones are based on these 4 C’s and they are graded accordingly. You do not have to be uncomfortable when you are buying diamonds for your needs. There are Educational Guides online that help you understand the quality and the grading of diamonds.

He says every diamond is unique in nature and there are many factors that determine its price. The shape of the diamond is one of them as well. He says that you need to focus on these factors if you wish to buy a good quality and genuine diamond. These Rick Casper Diamond buying tips helps people when they are looking for genuine stones for themselves and loved ones. He adds that when it comes to choosing a diamond, you must ensure that you satisfy your standards and the desire for value and appeal. When it comes to the purchase of diamonds, you will find that the tastes and the preferences of two people having the same budget might not be the same. This is why you should always trust gemologists and credible shopkeepers to find the right diamond for yourself.?

How does a shape determine and influence the price of a diamond?

When you buy diamonds for yourself, it is very important for you to understand what your shape preference is. Now, he says that when you are buying a diamond for loved one, always find out the shape that he or she prefers. This is true especially when you are buying a diamond as an engagement ring. Round shaped diamonds have better brilliance and they never go out of fashion. Thanks to their shape, they are most preferred for engagement rings and wedding rings.

These Rick Casper Diamond buying tips will help you when you are looking for a good diamond for yourself or a loved one. Bank on them and make yourself and the other person happy with your gift!

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