Timber Vanities Cope the Best With Wet Bathrooms – Give It a Try!

Timber Vanities have become really popular over the past few years. These wooden structures add a piece of warmth to your otherwise stark bathroom. Not only are they beautiful but they also ensure longevity. This furniture adds a sense of timelessness. They are aesthetic and they add personality to your bathroom.

How Durable Is It Against Water? 

The first thing people worry about before choosing timber vanity is its durability against water. Most people are concerned that timber will get dilapidated over time. But that is however not true. With the right finishing on solid timber, this can last longer than any other alternatives in the bathroom. Vanity counter tops are mainly created by using melamine, laminate or coated timber. When we consider other counter tops like laminate for our bathroom the layer is protected by plastic, but once that gets removed somehow through scratching it become prone to water damage. However, when it comes to timber counter tops a finish by wax or oil can ensure you longevity of the material.

Wax And Water-Resistant Oils For Longevity 

If you want to maintain the longevity of the timber vanity, make sure that it is always coated with water-resistant oils or wax. Once the timber soaks up the oils and the wax it becomes completely immune to any sort of water damage.

Reasons To Choose A Timber Vanity For Your Bathroom 

Making that storage space bigger – When you choose to get a timber vanity, not only does it double up your storage in the bathroom but it is also convenient in many other ways. You could use baskets or add more shelves with the free space that you get with a timber vanity.

Segregate your space – One of the great uses of having a timber vanity is that it segregates your bathroom. There is a sense of completeness but then again everything is separated within the available space.

Creates a sense of luxury – Not only do timber vanity tops give a sense of luxury to the bathroom but it also adds to the aesthetics of the whole space. Floating vanity tops gives a sense of minimalism and a modern touch to your bathroom.

Cleaning gets easier – One thing that we all dread is when we have to clean the creaks and crevices inside the bathroom. Not only is it hard to clean a cramped bathroom but it is also quite time-consuming. If you consider giving your bathroom makeover then always consider installing a timber vanity!

Keep it compact – This is so important when you want to give that clean look to your bathroom. Adding a single element that will catch the attention of anyone is way better than having a variety of items. It is always best to be as minimalistic as possible when designing a bathroom. Because it gives space of movement and storage. Or else you can always design it the way you want to, no hard and fast rules while you get to decorate your own bathroom.

Consider Your Custom Made Timber Vanity Top

When you are renovating your bathroom you can consider a vanity top that is custom made. You would not get to buy a timber vanity top right off the shelf like other materials.

A custom made vanity top will give you the flexibility to choose different aspects of it – like your personal style, functionality etc. As opposed to the strong elements present in your bathroom, like the cold marble floors, and the big structured mirrors, if you have a piece of a timeless aesthetic beauty like timber it can surely add warmth to your bathroom.

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