Top 7 Critical Issues Facing Education

The last decade witnessed an amazing breakthrough in all possible areas: science, medicine, technology, etc. The connection of education to these is inevitable, however, can we say with a clear conscience that the contemporary education fully follows the nowadays tendencies? By no means. Here, we have prepared top seven critical issues facing education

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1. Media Literacy

We live in the era of social media, and the abundance of information makes us realize that it is unclear whom to believe. How to distinguish fake news from the real ones? What sources are to be considered credible? All these questions have to be answered for the young people in order for them not to lose track in life. However, the contemporary education does not provide them.

2. Multi-Cultural Education

Of course, it depends on the country, but the tendency in the world is mixing the cultures, races, and religions. If we take the United States as an example, we will see that it is hard to imagine the more multicultural country: Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian people, American Indians, and many other races from this nation. However, the education is still not multi-cultural which is insane considering the variety of people in the countries all over the world.

3. Social-Emotional Learning

This issue is not paid attention to at all: how can it be omitted in the 21st century when bullying at schools is that widespread? The quantity of suicides based on the unstable mental condition is enormous; the quantity of children dropping out of schools because of bullying is huge. Social-emotional learning will help track children who have problems in order to provide the necessary aid to them. It is essential to save each life and make sure the mental health of each student is stable.

4. Transgender Students

This problem is not huge but it still exists. Again, it depends on a country, and even in the countries where students transition, their quantity is not enormous. However, one cannot close his/her eyes to the problem only because it is not huge. There has to be some education on what transitioning is, how it happens, and who transgenders are. Otherwise, the transgenders will keep dropping out of schools because of bullying or keep committing suicides.

5. Technology

There are wealthy schools with high technology devices, however, the majority of schools use old devices or do not use them at all. Technology is an essential issue in 2017, and each school has to find money for that. Each school has to teach its students not the basics but proper classes on technology: how to use it and why it is important.

6. Equality for Minoritized Population

The equality for all kinds of minoritized populations needs to be developed at schools. Whether it is an Islam religion, homosexual orientation, or Asian race, there must be no difference to the rest of the students. This topic is essential on the global level – the equality does not really exist even among adults. However, the basis of the personality traits and upbringing is introduced at school that is educating our children properly and explaining to them simple things clearly might help grow decent citizens that do not discriminate the minoritized populations.

7.Teachers Resistant to Change

Unfortunately, this problem is as big as it has never been before. We live in the era when everything changes very fast, and teachers have to want to change as well. It means they need to adapt to the time we live in quickly: read, visit the trainings and conferences, travel, and experience the world together with their students. Education does not end when one becomes a teacher – it never stops; it is a lifetime process. Because the majority of the teachers are stuck in their routine, they do not give the necessary knowledge to their students, and this is where the problems start. Teachers have to be flexible and curious by nature.

Joseph Sartori is a freelance writer.

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