11 Things Every Newlywed Couple Needs In Their Home

A new life begins with marriage. And with new life starts many duties and responsibilities. To maintain day to day chores a newly married couples requires few essential things in their home. Let us discuss those things that every newlywed couple needs.

11 Things Every Newlywed Couple Needs In Their Home

Bath and Hand Towels

Always buy good quality towels for yourself and spouse. Low quality towels are easily worn out and they are also less absorbent of water. But if you spare a little more you will get a luxurious fabric and good value for money. Needless to say every house needs both hand and bath towels for daily use. Thus a little spending on these items are worth it.

Storage Furniture and Organizer

Right after marriage our house needs proper arrangements of things as well as organizing them properly. A household organizer is definitely an important item to keep for a newlywed couple. There are many stylish and affordable organizers available in the market or you can opt for do-it-yourself method if you have the idea. On the other hand storage space is the foremost important thing. Without a proper storage space such as built-in cabinets or multi-purpose bed or a wall cabinet, storing and keeping things in order is impossible and your house will look a mess.

Decorative Indoor Plants

You might be a minimalist and wan very little decorative items for your house. But very simple things can change the entire look of your new house. We all want to live with our beloved ones in a lovely environment with a touch of romance. This can be achieved if you decorate your rooms with small indoor plants. They keep your rooms fresh. Make sure you choose a plant according to your taste.

Beautiful Dish Sets

Newly married couples always get many guests in their house. And obviously you would want to serve them on equally matched dinner sets. Mismatched dishes can ruin your impression and are not suitable for any formal occasions. So, buy some good dishes and serve delicious meals to your guests.

Get a DVR

A DVR can actually save you from headaches and you do not have to fight over a deleted shows. It can handle recordings and you can enjoy your favourite shows later without fighting with your spouse. Nowadays there are a lot of affordable options available to choose from and you will be surprised to gain some discounts too.

Mattress Must

It does not need mentioning how much a good mattress is necessary. First take help from the online information and earn good knowledge on what type of mattress you should buy. Good quality mattresses are essential because it can keep your body posture straight and will keep you away from back pain. Memory foam mattress, coir mattress, spring mattress and other types of mattresses are available. But you must make sure which one suits your requirement and budget.

Wash and Clean

A washing machine, rather a good one is absolutely needed when you start a new lifestyle with your husband/wife. Cleanliness is important to keep your home environment pure and fresh. Proper washing of your expensive new clothes, bedsheets, curtains and other things are required. Thus you may understand the importance of a washing machine. And if you are going to be a resident in Hyderabad and buy your new washing machine from the brand LG make sure you choose right washing machine service centre in hyderabad for future maintenance.

Set of Knives

High quality knives are good to keep as they not only help in cooking, but also in many household activities. Moreover a good knife are safer and do not need sharpening every now and then. Always choose a good set of knives that can be used for multipurpose works. And in most cases these sets come with sharper.


You might have a great eye for artwork and wants to decorate your house with it. But you need to understand the feelings of your spouse too. If your husband or wife does not like much artwork then do not force them to like it. Rather keep a few on your living room. Also try to learn what kind of artwork fascinates both. Decorative pieces are really wonderful to change the look of your house.

Important Toolkit

Toolkits are necessary when you are living in a new house after your marriage. Whether it is your rented house or ow apartment you need to be prepared to fix any day to day issues. You cannot wait till your landowner or someone else come to fix the problem.

Advanced Security

For a newlywed couples house with full of furniture and other expensive things, security system is necessary. Make sure you buy home security system with advanced door locks to keep your things protected. You can also install surveillance cameras to keep an eye on your surrounding.

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