A Martial Art of Muay Thai in Thailand for you

The majority of us have heard about Muay Thai. Is an interesting sport that has recently caught the attention of the media and many health and fitness academies. Nowadays, it is possible to get Muay Thai classes almost everywhere, which is pretty curious because it is a sport native from Thailand, a rather discreet country many haven’t had the opportunity to visit. We know that Muay Thai is a martial art. However, is it different from the rest?

Muay Thai was born in Thailand, a nation located in the southeast of Asia, and very famous for its tropical beach paradise and its many stunning islands that inspired many authors and movies across the globe. Muay Thai wasn’t heard much outside of Thailand until recently, when many fitness enthusiasts finally understood the health benefits associated with this sport.

By practicing this discipline, you will not only be learning a martial art, you will also be speeding up your weight loss, boosting your metabolic system, and even changing your mindset and your brain function. How can we say that?

A single session of Muay Thai combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and they are both necessary for good health, as recommended by health authorities worldwide. You will be burning around 700 calories, depending on your intensity level and how much heart you put on training. Thus, it will favor weight loss when combined with a careful diet. Moreover, since it includes anaerobic exercise to strengthen your muscles, it will prevent the rebound effect and other common problems if you’re trying to lose weight.

Muay Thai also addresses your metabolic health in many ways. To start with, it promotes the metabolism of lipid, which is responsible for burning fatty acids and lowering the proportion of free fatty acids in the blood. If you suffer from high triglycerides or high LDL cholesterol, this sport will definitely help. But that’s not the end of it. Muay Thai is also associated with improved glucose control and insulin sensitivity, which is especially important in cases of type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.

As for the mental health benefits of Muay Thai, this discipline is a highly social activity that will allow you to drain your daily stress and enjoy with new friends. As many other forms of physical activity, it raises your mood, and may even improve your self-esteem and confidence. People suffering from anxiety, stress and depression may benefit a lot from practicing Muay Thai and will definitely feel a difference after each session.

So, if you’re in Thailand enjoying of the beach in a paradisiac island and you want to experience the rich culture of the country, do not forget to come to one of our Muay Thai training camps. They are fully equipped and prepared to help foreigners learn this exciting sport, and you will never forget this wonderful experience. Moreover, you will return home with more than photos and nice memories because if you keep practicing, all of the health benefits will stay with you and make you live a healthier life for longer.

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