Getting enrolled in the University is exciting and all until you actually start with your college life. What with all those all nighters, missed deadlines, not so pleasant surprise (tests) and some obvious heartbreaks, take it from a uni student herself, college life isn’t easy.

While there’s nothing that can make this rollercoaster of a ride smooth, there are some things you can do to make it a little less messy.

Here are some little things to help you make your college life a little easier :

1.Keep A Track of Your Routine

There are so many things happening simultaneously in college that your basic routine is bound to be messed up. But If you start keeping a track of things that are necessary for your health, like drinking enough water, getting good amount of sleep and other important things you are supposed to be doing mandatorily like reading newspaper or completing your readings. Try maintaining a journal for these things and create a weekly chart. You can also add your upcoming deadlines or tests to it o that you don’t forget them. Sure, it’s difficult to update initially, but once you’re used to it, it becomes really easy and helps you maintain your health and stay a little organised.

2.Follow Some College Life Blogs

Following college life blogs will help you be a little prepared for the unpredictable things that are about to be thrown to you by college life. From Moving in your dorm, to getting internships to getting the right supplies, these blogs talk about a lot many things that can help you face the challenges in a better and more prepared way. Each blog has its own theme. It thus a good thing to follow more than one so that you can see more than one perspective.

3.Use Unconventional Online Resources

Online resources are like the backbone your college life stands on. Free PDFs, ebooks, news apps are some conventional ones that college students depend on. But there are some unconventional ones like flash card apps, writing apps, trivia apps and studyblrs that can be way more than just helpful add ons. You can even make instagram study account o studyblrs to get motivated to stay regular with your studies and notes. Follow such accounts so as to get new inspirations to make better notes and use your time efficiently.

Every student has their own struggles in college, but there are some that are common to all. No time to eat healthy, sleep 8 hours, struggling to maintain a good grade are some of them. Use all that you have access to and keep trying to be organised. Invest your time and organise things one step at a time. A decluttered routine can help achieve a decluttered mind and thus ensure better health and performance.  

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