5 Best Countries To Invest In

Are you looking for a fast growing economy with the best emerging market worldwide? Despite the risk posed by investing in emerging markets, fast growing economies are always the best investment option. They therefore offer a good foreign venture strategy because they have huge potential for growth.

Check out the following 5 countries where stockholders are flogging for investing in.


Since 2002 China has provided the best foreign investment option according to Bussinessweek. This is because it posses major competitive advantages like its geographical positioning and large internal market. The fact that a lot of goods sold worldwide are made there is a clear indication that China should top the priority list for investment destinations in the world. For this reasons, China is a secure and strong investment option for probable investors.


The booming economy and a vast middle class has given Brazil a positive stance among foreign stakeholders. Its growing property market and vast tourism sector is another factor that investors find enticing when looking for investment destination. It is also an ideal location for transferring business by companies in Europe and America. Brazil is also recognized internationally by virtue of it holding the 2014 world cup and the Rio de Olympics in 2016.


In recent past, Kazakhstan has attracted a figure in the region 14 billion Us dollars. This makes it a contender for the best savings destination in the world. There are numerous reasons why people find it good to invest in Kazakhstan, including its geographical location, telecommunication infrastructure and its richness in natural resources. Its economy is anticipated to grow by a big margin in the future therefore investors are advised to look at Kazakhstan as a viable, stable and long-term investment possibility. In an interview, John Ferraro who is a top foreign investment adviser said that 81 percent of stockholders are happy to venture in the country.


With a market-based economy that has high GDP and average income, Australia is arguably one of the wealthiest nations n the world. It present a suitable investment option since its service and export sector underpins its economic superiority. Also it is a strong democracy and its institutions has transparent regulatory systems that ensures minimum sovereign risks. Australia is ranked among the highest worldwide for economic freedom and business agendas thus it make it fairly easy for multinationals to operate. A firm control on corruption and a lifestyle rated among the worlds top 10 makes it every investors dream for investment.


Hungary is among the top emerging markets for probable investors. This is as a consequence of its government measures to create a conducive environment for both small scale and large scale businesses. This is done through offering incentives, subsidies and low-interest loans to these enterprises. In addition, Hungary is strategically placed in Central Europe hence a viable stable area for investors. It also has a well-established tourism sector, unexploited resources and plenty of agricultural land that boost its economy consequently making Hungary a top option for investing in.

What do you think of investing in emerging economies Do you think it will be a success to venture into these countries?

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