5 Foodie Scavenger Hunts Ideas For Your Kids

Keeping your children entertained and interested in food can be challenging. One way to keep your kids engaged are with games such as scavenger hunts which involve hiding food items and providing scavenger hunt clues for them to track down. Doing so can create a great fun situation that keeps them engaged. here are five foodie scavenger hunt ideas to play with your kids.

5 Foodie Scavenger Hunts Ideas For Your Kids

Bake A Cake

For better or worse kids love sweets and what better way to celebrate that then by having a scavenger hunt centering around desserts. While baking a cake may be beyond the ability of a group of children in a scavenger hunt, having scavenger hunt clues set up to find different toppings to compliment and decorate a cake can be a great game for kids.

Explore the Garden

It is a good idea to involve your children in a way that lets them understand how food is produced. If you have a fruit or vegetable garden having them gather some fresh foods from it can provide you with the impetus to instruct your kids in an excellent learning experience. Fresh garden strawberries and fresh mint can be gathered for a fun dessert and can let younger kids learn where these food items come from.

Explore a Farm

In urban and suburbs areas many children grow up without knowing or understanding where food comes from. Having children pick up a variety of food items from different parts of a working farm can help them to understand where their favorite foods come from and the relationship that people have with domesticated animals and crops. Make a list of the foods that you want them to find and build a link with the animals that produce those foods.

Explore the Market

Ultimately the market or grocery store is where most people get their favorite foods from. Create a list for your little ones to gather along with adult supervision and pick up those food items that create a unique meal for kids.

Teaching About a Balanced Diet

Many kids will eat carbs and sugars at the expense of protein and vegetables. Teaching kids the role that a balanced diet can play in health can be made easier with a scavenger hunt that focuses on a balanced diet. Lay out fruits, vegetables, protein and grains for them to gather and spread clues around the home. When they find the food items use these items to create a balanced and healthy meal. Meals like pasta with vegetables, homemade pizza, and even salads can all show the varied role that different food items can play in creating a balanced yet healthy meal.

Ultimately all of these exercises are about educating your children on food. These scavenger hunt ideas center on how to obtain food from a garden, farm, or market, as well as how to have a balanced diet. Finally a dessert based scavenger hunt can be a great reward for kids and add some fun and inspiration into food preparation that helps to create great family memories to cherish for years to come. 

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