5 Gadgets That Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

These days, having a smartphone is not an ‘achievement unlocked’ as it used to be in the past. Even nine-year-old kids have a smartphone, mostly because they play a lot of games and sometimes work on their school assignments. However, there are only a few who use a smartphone in a smarter way. Well, what is a smarter smartphone? It’s something that does more than all those anticipated phones like S7 or 6S. Did I forget to mention that every one of you can turn your smartphone into a smarter phone just by using a few gadgets? I mean, this applies to everyone regardless of the smartphone you have. Time to be smarter!

5 Gadgets That Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

1. Geode

I often end up checking my purse for my driving license even when I pay with my card at the coffee shop by my house. I just want to say that I’m really afraid of losing my paperwork. What if you guys lose your credit card? Yeah, the consequences will be quite devastating (if you don’t act on time). So there’s a gadget named Geode, which will store all your physical credit cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards into digital form (think it’s magic). You can easily transfer your credit card info to a Geode card temporarily and enjoy your day. This way, there will be less chance of losing your original credit card. Has anyone tried Geode with their smartphone? Note-You can simply flick your Geode card to activate it. If you have a credit card linked to your Geode card, slide your geode thing through the terminal as usual, and you are good to go.

2. Deeper

You might have never heard in the fuse crunch tech news that a smartphone can detect fishes in a lake. Well, Deeper is a gadget, which has simplified the tasks of those geeky fishermen out there. You can easily detect any fishes underwater within 50m radius if you pair your phone with Deeper, and all this detection has been made possible by Friday Lab’s sonar. These are all current breaking tech news.

3. Smart Baby Monitor

You could be in the kitchen preparing a meal while you still keep an eye on your baby. This will be a lot easier if you get yourself a Smart Baby Monitor. The device will live stream all your baby’s action (after it’s successfully installed) to your smartphone. As a side note, this gadget is even more beneficial for new parents as it lets them check into their baby’s cradle via WiFi. Moreover, you will also receive notifications regarding the temperature and humidity (the gadget tracks this for you) in your baby’s room. It’s just like assigning a babysitter to look after your baby and sometimes, this gadget can be even kind of more efficient.

4. Pico Genie A100

I just hate carrying my old Epson projector here and there because it’s really ugly and bulky. If you go through the latest news, you will realize that it’s time to say goodbye to the last gen projectors as there’s Pico Genie A100, which is a mini-projector paired with a speaker and of course, it’s as small as the iPhone. Also, the output is splashed on a 60” chunk of wall with boosted sound effects. You can easily carry this small device around during those events, which matter most to you.

5. iPhly

Where’s my remote? Just chill out! Now, you won’t need the remote that came with your TV or air conditioner to control them. Just bring this iPhly remote controller and everything will be in your hands. Apart from controlling TVs and other indoor stuff, you can also control your RC drone or open the garage doors.

So these were the gadgets that will turn your smartphone even smarter. In fact, the devices mentioned above do truly unbelievable things like taking care of your babies to catching fishes. Would you ever get a standalone phone for doing all the magic these gadgets do? Not! So if you still haven’t, browse the web and find some useful gadgets and turn them into your advantage. They are slick, small and do amazing things.


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