From hair problems to heartbreaks, we sh electronic dictionary online are everything with our best friends and they deal with it all without complaining. Well, complaining just a little. So, they deserve a unique gift for being your personal guardian angel every now and then. Whether it’s their birthday, Friendship day or just a random day you’re feeling too much love for them, here are a few gifts that can be perfect for any occasion or even no occasion at all:


Electronic Dictionary

While retro, this could be the best gift for your BFF always eager to learn new things. It’s just the perfect souvenir reminding them of the times when portable video games were the best thing you could get on your birthdays. You can easily find an electronic dictionary online, although they’re difficult to find in stores. This could be a fun way to fool around as well. If your best friend has a kid who is not allowed to use cell phones yet, you could be the fun aunt/uncle by gifting them an electronic dictionary to give them a feel of your age.

A Soulful Notebook

Get your BFF a notebook as soulful as them to bring out their BuJo artist out. You could fill half the notebook with some good quotes and poetry for your literary friends. For the Rachel to your Monica, make the notebook a personal collage of your best memories through pictures or souvenirs of your dates together to show them how special a place they have in your life.

A Self Care Package

Everyone deserves self-care, especially the friend who takes care of you all the time listening to your rants. That kind of stress can be harsh on skin, you know. So get your pal a self-care package to take the stress away. You could add skincare products like masks, lip balms, scrub and other little things you know they use. For guys, you could add beard balm and aftershave as well. You can just pack them in a box or use a basket

Your Favourite Book

While it’s great to give them a book they love, what’s even better is to give them the books you liked. Not only does it help them to know a new side of yours. You’ll have a new common book to discuss. Add a pair of handmade bookmarks to shower your best friend with some extra love that they definitely deserve.

A Snuggly Throw Blanket      

Who doesn’t like snuggly things? Even better if it’s a blanket. So get your friend a soft blanket they can cuddle in while you’re not sleeping over. A thin blanket is the best option that can be used as an add-on to their existing bed setting.


While these gifts are alright, nothing can replace telling them you love them about 38 times a day. Give your soul sister real-time appreciation through handmade notes or letters along with these gifts and you’re good to go and bicker them for a long time to come.

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