5 Reasons Why Nike Is The Best When It Comes To Sports Accessories

Nike is a Multinational Corporation in the USA which deals with footwear, apparel, and other accessories. When it comes to sports accessories, Nike is unbeatable. All the famous sportsmen prefer Nike over the other due to various reasons. The brand offers everything ranging from hoodies and trackpants to backpacks which have top-notch quality and can last a lifetime. The following is a list of five reasons why Nike is the best when it comes to sports accessories:

Dynamic Logo

“Logo is a visual cornerstone of a company’s brand.” The Nike logo was designed long back by a student, Carolyn Davidson; it is basically a Swoosh which epitomizes the company’s speed. The reason it is a very famous and well-recognized logo is that it is wholesome and effective, unlike the other competitor brands. The beauty of the logo is the easily recognizable shape which makes it stand out – given the sheer practicality and effectiveness of the message that is conveyed.

Nike owns Basketball

Basketball, being one of the most significant sports, is owned by Nike. It makes the company have the upper hand. And this dominance is not because of famous basketball players like Kevin Durant or Michael Jordan or Lebron James, but solely because Nike takes 95% of the market share in the US, which is a clean sweep for the company. Although Adidas is a close competitor and has its own advantages and success, it can never come close to Nike, which is popular worldwide.

5 Reasons Why Nike Is The Best When It Comes To Sports Accessories


Everybody wants the best quality in everything they buy. Be it clothes, footwear or gadgets. The durability of a product is very important to customers as they expect it to last for a couple of years at least, for which they pay a high price. Nike Sportswear, although very expensive, is very durable and the quality is excellent which the customers love. What we all expect from a product is its long-term lasting making it desirable for users.


Nike makes interesting advertisements which attract customers. Given that Nike dominates most of the sports and the massive market share, it is safe to say that Nike is the best when it comes to sports accessories. The ads convey the intention of Nike perfectly, and doesn’t exaggerate one bit. It is the premium quality that sports people die for. As long as the company promises brilliant quality and durability, people are ready to pay how much ever it takes.


Apart from the popular logo and durability, it is the comfort that matters most to people. Especially when it comes to sportswear, it is important that it is perfectly fitted and convenient as it has to be worn by sportsmen almost throughout the entire day. Thus, comfort comes first, and Nike does a great job at providing accessories which are convenient and at a good price.

Thus, when you look at the other brands and compare them to Nike, you will notice a prominent difference in the quality, marketing and the ease at which the sports accessories are handled. Nike is arguably the best sports brand in the whole world that offers various products and accessories that sportsmen love.

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