6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

After getting engaged, the first thought that crosses your mind is where do you want to tie the knot. Booking a venue for your wedding helps in having an idea about how you will plan the rest of the procedure. But before you finalize the venue and drop the deposits, there are few things you should consider. Here are six things you need to think before choosing the right place to say “I do.”

6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

  • Prepare a  guest list and budget:

You may not have an exact idea about the number of guests that will be attending your wedding, and so you may not be able to prepare a budget for the same. But, it is important that you have a rough idea about the people you will be inviting so that you can have an idea about how much you can spend before you finalize your dream venue.

  • Consider the style of wedding:

Whether it is a formal wedding or a traditional one, rustic or a blow-out bash, you and your partner have to finalize what type of a wedding you would like to have. This will help you in shortlisting the venues according to your taste and style.

  • Consider the transportation facility:

Once you have the list of the venues where you wish to marry, visit them. After you visit, you need to focus whether the venue that you are finding suitable is within the reach of the guests. Will they be able to attend? Whether it has a good transportation facility? If not, you may have to strike it off from your list. After all, what is the point of organizing a wedding when your guests won’t be able to reach.

  • Know what services your venue will provide:

Many of the venues offer you a complete service, ranging from the arrangement of the furniture to the linens that will be used to decorate the venue. Ask what services each of the venue is offering when you visit them. Many venues even have vendor restrictions, if so, decide whether you are comfortable with it.

  • Consider your catering needs:

Almost everyone today is food freak, and they want to serve the best possible menu to their guests. Many of the venues don’t allow to bring your caterer, rather they have their team that offers you that service. You have to go according to the menu prepared by the catering team of the venue; that may limit your choices and menu list. It is advisable if you ask it to the venue manager before you finalize the venue.

  • Talk to the people associated with the venue:

You have spoken to the venue manager in the first meeting, but that is not enough. You should have the knowledge and idea about the entire team that is going to be helping you at your wedding. Speak to the caterer and ask about what is going to be in the menu. Talk to the technical managers and the decorators about all the arrangements and ask them if you have any queries regarding the same.

Choosing the venue for your wedding is probably the first and the most important decision you will be taking. Talk to other couples who have had the same venue for their wedding and ask them about their experience.

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