8 Ways To Make Organizing Your Wardrobe A Lot Of Fun

Every once in a while, your wardrobe needs a thorough cleaning. This doesn’t mean only dusting the shelves, but instead, going through your belongings and organizing items into their proper place and asking yourself some questions too. Cleaning out your wardrobe means giving some serious thought to those items that you can discard, and those which you still need in your life.

8 Ways To Make Organizing Your Wardrobe A Lot Of Fun

A wardrobe is a place where we store our possessions and often we ourselves don’t know what we own since it’s often hidden behind an overflowing collection of clothing. Here are 8 ways to organize your wardrobe that are both easy and fun!

1. Declutter:

This is the first and possibly, the most important tip when it comes to organizing your wardrobe. There is absolutely no point in organizing a wardrobe that is full of clothes and accessories that are never actually worn. The best way to decide what you want to keep is to take every last item out of your cupboard, lay it all out on a surface and individually pick out those clothes that you plan on wearing.

A handy tip when decluttering, is to find pieces that you haven’t worn in the last year. These need to be donated because twelve months is a long enough period to decide whether you like something enough to wear at least once. By discarding unworn clothes, not only will you be freeing up space for items that you actually use, you will also be helping someone who needs extra clothing. In winter, for example, a single sweater can make a huge difference for a homeless person.

2. Eyesight:

Another easy to use method to implement when organizing your wardrobe is to store the items that you use most frequently, at eye level. Those that are rarely used can be stored below eye level and the least used items should ideally be stored at a high level.

3. Co-ordinate Hangers:

When organizing your wardrobe, try to use hangers in a single style or at most, in two styles. This will give the illusion of a highly organized space with a clean look. Plastic hangers can be used for almost anything while more formal clothes such as blazers should be hung on wooden hangers.

8 Ways To Make Organizing Your Wardrobe A Lot Of Fun

4. Color Coding:

If you own clothes in lots of different colors, this is a great way to have some fun while organizing. By going through the effort of collecting pieces in every different color, you will see exactly what you own. Often, when our wardrobes are full to the brim, items gets buried in the back or under a mountain of other clothes, to the point where we forget that we even own some pieces. By going through individual items in your wardrobe you are getting a clear picture of your possessions. This will also make putting together outfits a lot easier.

5. Snap Your Shoes:

A girls and her shoes are usually inseparable. If you own what feels like a thousand pairs of shoes, a simple way to organize them would be to store each pair in plastic wrapping and place in a large container at the bottom of your wardrobe or closet. This container can be with a lid to further protect your shoes from dust. The important part of this method is to snap a picture of each pair of shoes and get a polaroid sized image printed and kept in a place that is easily accessible in the wardrobe. This way all your shoes can be seen in one place and you can put together your outfit accordingly as well.

6. Pack It Up:

A great way to store out of season clothes is to put them in suitcases and pile them on your bedside to make a sturdy bedside table! These suitcases should ideally be with a hardtop, especially if you plan on placing heavier items such as a bedside lamp on top. Items such as woolens, blankets, linen and clothes for very special occasions would be perfect to store in a suitcase.

7. Bag It:

When storing purses, clutches and other handbags, it’s best to store them in a such a way that they are clearly visible. Never store purses inside one another since you won’t know what exactly you own and may never use that purse. The best way would be to simply hang from a single hook on the inner door of your wardrobe. Alternatively, place all your purses on the top shelf of your wardrobe where they will be easily visible.

8. Goodbye:

This should go hand in hand with step 1, where you tossed any unworn items, except this involves doing the opposite. This applies to clothes that are so well loved that they are worn out beyond measure. Sometimes the clothes we love wearing the most are the hardest to throw out. However, if your favorite tee shirt is riddled with ever growing holes then it’s time to throw it away. With a heavy heart, say goodbye to your favorite items that have seen one too many sunny days.

When facing the age old dilemma of not owning enough clothes but not having any spare space left, turn to clever organizational ideas to keep your wardrobe looking spacious. The best way to avoid hoarding is to go through regular spring cleaning sessions. This way you can be sure that every item in your wardrobe is being used. The methods listed here are easy, fun and a great way to organize your wardrobe.

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