Accessories To Improve The Safety Of Your Automobile

Driving is a rite of passage, in many ways it is the gateway to adult life.  It is certainly the best means of generating freedom.  Owning a vehicle allows you to drive anywhere, at any time.  The logical step, after purchasing a car, is to look at what accessories you can add to it which will make it more distinctive as yours.  There are many different accessories, some are purely cosmetic, some are useful to improve the experience of being in the vehicle and others are there to improve your safety.

Accessories To Improve The Safety Of Your Automobile

Some of the best safety accessories are:

The Heated Windscreen Wiper

This may seem an unusual choice to have as a safety accessory but it is actually exceptionally useful.  You can purchase a heated windscreen wiper from Crystal Clear Blades.  The wiper blade has an internal element which heats up to 65C.  This prevents ice from forming on it.  It can then be driven across the screen in the usual manner and will melt the ice in the process.  You can clear a windscreen, without any effort, in just a few minutes.

The safety part of this accessory is that it will provide full visibility and allow you to get where you are going on time; even in the middle of a big freeze.  It is much safer than scraping enough ice off to peer through your screen and not really being able to see the world round you.

Lane Sensor

This is an excellent device which will detect when your vehicle drifts out of its lane.  It is exceptionally useful if you are completing a long drive and are starting to feel tired.  The sensor will warn you when you drift out of your lane and allow you to pull back into the right lane.  Ideally, at this point you should consider pulling over to take a rest.

Tiredness Sensor

Another sensor which can help to keep you safe on long drives or short is the tiredness sensor.  It is designed to monitor your heart rate and / or breathing.  When you start to drift to sleep your breathing will slow; as will your heart rate.  The sensor will sound an audible alarm which should prevent you from falling asleep and crashing your vehicle.  Again, you are advised to pull over and take a rest before continuing your journey.


An aftermarket accessory which is beneficial when driving is the snooper.  This will detect speed cameras and warn you of their presence.  Whilst this can be seen as a machine to dodge speed cameras it is actually a safety aid.  Being aware of speed cameras and speed limits will allow you to maintain the right speeds; effectively driving more safely.

There is an assortment of other safety accessories, all of them can be beneficial but you will need to select the ones which are most relevant to your driving style and location.  For instance, if you live in California you may not find a benefit in heated windscreen wipers; but if you live in Canada you will definitely want to invest in one or a set.

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