Attributes Of A Fabulous Co-Sleeping Mattress Just Right For Mother and Child

Research has revealed that co-sleeping with your child is pretty common and it really helps your child to have higher self-esteem and he would be more open to love and affection. So what should you do if you are thinking of buying a co-sleeping mattress but have no clue about how to go about doing it. First of all, it is important for you to know the qualities that make a good co-sleeping mattress. Only then, you could be buying the right mattress that is perfectly safe for both you and your kid.

Attributes Of A Fabulous Co-Sleeping Mattress Just Right For Mother and Child

Must Be Non-Toxic

This is a key attribute of a co-sleeping mattress just right for mother and child. You must understand that mattresses are known to contain substances that could be potentially hazardous for little babies to be in touch with on a regular basis. Even adults have health issues because of these harmful substances that are usually found in adult mattresses. Arsenic, antimony and some other really toxic chemicals are actually frequently found in the usual adult mattresses.That is why; you must opt for non-toxic, all-natural organic mattresses as they are best for both babies and their moms and pose no health risks to them.

Must Have a Firm Surface

Infants are supposed to sleep on a nice firm surface to make sure that there is no suffocation or airway obstruction all through the night. Using a mattress that is excessively soft may be responsible for your baby to get overheated and develop breathing issues. This could contribute to SIDS; hence, many concerned parents opt for a really firm bed. If you are not very open to the idea of sleeping on such a firm mattress with your baby, you must appreciate the fact that the firmer the mattress, the better it is in reality, for alleviating your back pain issues. If you are sleeping with chronic back pain on a firm mattress, you would get the desired support for your back. Even if you are a young mom with no back pain issues, this could be a great investment for your future.

Must Be Breathable &Lightweight

You must choose a mattress which is actually made of really lightweight materials. It should be breathable for assuring sound sleep at night for both the mom and the baby. Thanks to the lightweight materials this sort of mattress would not pose any kind of breathing risks like in the case of an overstuffed pillow-top, particularly, when your baby is less than six months old. You must choose a mattress which would keep your partner, your precious little one, and of course you, cool and comfortable during the night.

Must Be of Perfect Size

It is best to sleep with your baby on a mattress that is put on the floor directly. This is the safest way to sleep at night with your little one. However, if you are using a conventional rail and frame, you must essentially ensure that the mattress fits snugly into the frame.


Apart from the attributes discussed above, you must choose a mattress that is durable and easy to clean and maintain. It is best to opt for mattresses with zippered covers for easy cleaning.

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