Benefits you can derive from bulk SMS services

Bulk SMS provides a viable option for medium or small sized business for marketing their business at a low cost.  If you are planning to avail the services of SMS gateway India, then the below information would be of immense help. Let us now consider the benefits of bulk SMS

Better open rate

When you compare it to other marketing tools, SMS has a higher open rate. Each and every SMS that you send out is opened in 10 minutes. On the other side of the coin, a fraction of the people only open their email and mostly it makes its way on to the spam folder.

Better conversion rate

SMS has a higher conversion rate than any other form of marketing. In this modern era, there are numerous marketing apps available in the market, still, the choice of people works out to be SMS. All the more so B2B receives a better response when you compare it to other communication modes.


With bulk SMS it is budget friendly and economic when you compare it to traditional forms of advertising like billboard or newspaper.


To send out an SMS does not require a Ph.D. degree and it is not even rocket science. If you have a secured mobile connection you can send out an SMS. But in case if you are looking to send out messages on a large scale, then a bulk SMS gateway provider would be of help. Here you are going to need something more effective and reliable. With a bulk SMS gateway, you can start off with your SMS campaign on track.

Easy Reach

Even a simple mobile phone in the market is inbuilt with SMS features. The best part about a bulk SMS is that you do not need an internet connection to keep it running. What it means is that you can reach out to a wide chunk of the audience, rather than by any other source.

Wider appeal

There are more than 4.77 billion SMS users and this is indeed a large sum. As compared to other forms people are more used to SMS services and because of this reason they opt for SMS.


In case of email, you need to log in and to operate an email you need a secure internet connection. In case of other types of advertising media, it demands a lot of money, but with bulk SMS it is not that way.  This works out to be a simple and cost-effective way of communication. Not only it will save money but even save you time as well. Research points to the fact that a majority of SMS are read within 10 minutes of it reaching an audience.

Last but not least you can personalize your SMS as well.  You can send out SMS on the basis of customers buying behavior or location evolved SMS.

With bulk SMS this level of rationalization can be achieved but other services require a major sum of money.

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