Carrier Oils: The Great Benefits, Types, And Uses

Carrier oils are generally vegetable oils that are made from nuts, kernels or seed of plants. These oils are used to dilute the essential oils and carry them to the skin. It is advisable not to apply essential oils directly to the skin, so it’s good to dilute them with carrier oils. That is because essential oils are strong and might cause irritation when applied directly to the skin. Carrier oils are used in lotions, sugar scrub recipes, salves and lip balm. These oils may be used with other oils or alone to nourish the skin.

Carrier Oils: The Great Benefits, Types, And Uses

When you are buying an oil, be careful you buy only cold pressed oil, as heat can damage all the great qualities of the oil. Carrier oils should not have a potent smell, except for the coconut oil, which is not refined.


There are several carrier oils available on the market. Most of the carrier oils are suitable to use with any essential oil, however, you should consider a few important things before selecting one.


SHELF LIFE:  Many carrier oils can be stored for a long period of time than others without going bad.

ODOR:  Some carrier oils have the different color. When carrier oil is added to an essential oil, it can alter the aroma.

ABSORPTION:  A few skin types can easily absorb carrier oils better than other oils.

SKIN TYPE:  Depending on the skin type, a few carrier oils can cause skin irritation or worsen the condition of your skin such as skin acne.

Below given are some popular carrier oils that are used to dilute essential oils for skin care, massage and aromatherapy.


Coconut oil is basically an edible oil made from mature coconuts. It is available in unrefined or refined varieties. Coconut oil contains all skin-nourishing polyphenols and fatty acids, which makes it a good carrier oil for skin care and massage oils.


You can easily get olive oil in nearly any store, it’s a popular beauty recipe ingredient. Olive oils have fats that are great for your hair and skin, but be careful with the amount you apply as it can leave behind the excess oil that does not soak in the skin.


Jojoba oil is another popular carrier oil as it is very close to the natural oil that the body produces. This oil can absorb easily into the skin without being greasy. It is very beneficial in unclogging pores though, it can also be used with other oils.


Sweet almond oil is an edible oil that is made from a sweet almond kernel. This lightweight oil is a good moisture for the skin. Sweet almond oil is great in bath oils, soaps, and massage oils.


Carrier oils make the use of essential oils safe. Whatever carrier oil you choose, you should avoid using it on eyes, lips or other sensitive areas after diluting with essential oils.

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