Chelation Therapy: Views Pro and Con

While so much is written and discussed about the application of chelation therapy, the majority opinion of the modern medical fraternity is that it is an unproven therapy. Chelation therapy is not yet recognized by many established medical institutions. Some go so far as to label the practice and theories of chelation therapies as quackery. On the other hand, many people have reportedly been cured by chelation therapy. These are the strong voices of the chelation therapy movement. Due to its controversial nature, there are two schools of thought regarding the clinical validity of chelation therapy. Like any other system of medicine, it is common to see views which are like black and white; opinions and statements both pro and con.

Opponents of chelation therapy argue that a typical treatment session costs anywhere between $100 and $150 and takes almost 100 treatment sessions to show results. Unfortunately, chelation is not covered by most major medical insurance policies. There are instances of chelation therapists trying to secure insurance coverage by misreading the patient’s data, thereby practicing insurance fraud, instead of chelation medicine.

Chelation Therapy Views Pro and Con

Most of the leading medical institutions are calling for final validity of chelation therapy by scientific clinical trails and experimentation. It is also pertinent to note that many of the research institutions are also branding chelation therapy as unproven and calling most of the treatments being offered anecdotal, rather than based on valid scientific research techniques. While it is not illegal for a medical professional to prescribe chelation therapy to his or her patients, many people still insist that without valid research studies, any treatment that has not been proved in clinical trials, must be viewed with a bit skepticism. Chelation therapy is often treated as notional and anecdotal, rather than based on proven clinical trials.

People who have been treated successfully with chelation therapy, will go to any length to establish the concept of chelation therapy as sound and effective. It is probably true sometimes, as there are cases of people being effectively and completely treated with chelation therapy. A person who has just survived from the jaws of death is a happy person who will go to any length to propagate the idea of chelation therapy. Chelation therapy supporters most often claim that the curing aspects of chelation are not harmful, with no serious side effects and only minor discomforts. Treating lead leather and iron poisoning is easier today through the use of chelation therapy. The results obtained so far have been excellent.

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