Cleaning And Restoration Of Your Carpet

Carpeted areas in homes are highly susceptible to the growth of mold. This is a culmination of dampness caused by water damage. The major contributors to mold growth include moisture, a food source, and a surface. Since carpets cover most of the floor surface of the house, they provide ample breeding grounds for mold.

Dangers Abound 

The effects of water damage are massive and costly. Carpets will take time to recover from the water damage. If you do not restore your carpet properly, it will be a haven for mold, which can cause allergies.

Concerns about mold

Keeping your carpet clean can be challenging. Prevent mold damage on your carpet using the following steps:

  • Once you discover the mold, commence the process of removing it from the carpet immediately
  • Sweep the affected area of the carpet using a broom to loosen up the mold
  • Vacuum the area of the carpet facing mold damage
  • Create mixture water and dishwashing liquid and scrub the affected area.
  • Take the carpet outside to dry with natural heat.

Cleaning And Restoration Of Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning and Restoration 

The carpet of your home remains a victim of spills, drops, accidents, and anything that is under your shoes. To restore your carpet, you must go beyond vacuuming, especially if water damage occurred. Wool, plant fiber and synthetic carpets all have different cleaning methods. If you are not in a position to restore your carpet, you can use professional carpet cleaning. The advantage is that:

  • It will save you time and effort especially if carpet cleaning and restoration is because of water damage.
  • It will save your carpet

Do not engage in carpet cleaning if you have no idea of how to restore your carpet completely. Using a professional carpet cleaner averts chances of damaging your carpet. Let the professionals try to save your carpet.

Methods of Carpet Cleaning 

There are different methods of carpet cleaning, and it will be best if they involve a professional. The methods below are essential for carpet cleaning and restoration

Dry cleaning 

This does not rule out the use of water. Apply fine particles substance on the carpet for about 10 to 12 minutes to soak the particles up before removal or cleaning. You can use a high suction vacuum cleaner afterwards.

Steam cleaning 

This carpet cleaning method applies to synthetic carpets. Carpet treatment involves a detergent that dissolves oil-based stains and other soil materials. The machine induces pressure on steam from heated water onto the carpet sucking dust from it. This is a deep surface carpet cleaning method.

Using a professional Carpet cleaner 

This is a sure way of ensuring that your carpet of free from mold damage.

Dealing with stain removal 

There are different ways of removing stains if you want to restore your carpet. Stains will occur and compromise the aesthetic features of a carpet. This is how you deal with different stains on your carpet.

Red/Blood stain removal 

Use cold water to remove bloodstains since blood coagulates with heat. Cold water prevents it from permeating into the fibres of your carpet. Use a spritzer bottle with two teaspoons of ant-grease liquid dish detergent or cold water. Spray it on the stain. Use OxiClean since it is bleach free and oxygenates most carpet stains. The best way out of this is to use professional carpet cleaning services.

Ink stain removal 

These stains can be removed using isopropyl alcohol. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing because the ink can spread. Give it some minutes and then use a wet friendly vacuum to remove the excess moisture. You can treat the stain with alcohol again.

Coffee stain removal 

Use a dry towel to dry the coffee stain on the carpet. Ensure you do not spread it. Use a mixture of vinegar and water and a gentle non-bleach detergent. Use the spritzer method, rinse, and repeat. You can use products sold in stores for such stains.

In conclusion, home remedies for carpet stain removal will not be enough, and as such, a reputable professional carpet cleaning service will suffice. You will have won in stain removal, cleaning, and restoration of your carpet.

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