Differences Between A Dental Crown And A Veneer

Due to unbalanced lifestyle and junk eating, people usually experience a lot of issues with their teeth. Therefore, people often look forward to get a dental caps and dental crowns for their teeth. A lot of individuals are often confused in whether they should get a dental crown or a veneer or both and if you too are one of these then this blog is for you.

Differences Between A Dental Crown And A Veneer

What are Dental Crowns?

There are a number of equipment that are used for a proper functioning of tooth by dentists and one of them is the dental crown. In the most basic terms dental crowns are the dental equipment that are used for the purpose of covering up of the dental implant or the tooth itself. Dental crowns play a major role in dental restoration of patients suffering from related dental issues. A dental cement is used for binding the dental crown to the teeth. The need for dental crowns arise when there is a cavity that hampers overall growth of the the entire teeth set. A dental crown generally consists of fabrication of different material including gold. A dental drown restores the overall functioning of the teeth and enhances the functioning of teeth.

What are Veneers?

Talking about a veneer, it is a completely different equipment when compared to qa dental crown. A veneer is the layer that is applied over the tooth to enhance the smile of the individual. The main purpose of employing a veneer over the tooth surface is to protect the teeth from any kind of damage and to avoid tooth decay. Like a dental crown, the veneers are also fabricated with the appropriate material. A veneer is generally fabricated using mainly two types of materials; dental porcelain and composite. Unlike the dental crowns, a composite veneer can either be fabricated by a dentist or it can be directly placed in the mouth.

What makes dental crown and veneer different

If you are in a dilemma and can’t decide whether a dental crown or veneer or both are suitable for the condition of your teeth, then these points of citing differences in both will help you out.

Difference in terms of design and purpose

A dental crown is generally made up of porcelain and is generally used for the purpose of covering up of a tooth. In addition to the porcelain it also possess several other materials, while a veneer is made up of porcelain and a composite resin material. The function of a dental crown is to restore the tooth that has undergone damage or to protect the tooth from any damage. Whereas a veneer is used completely for cosmetic purposes and is used for correction of the cosmetic issues with the teeth.

Difference in terms of Preparation and placement

For preparation of the dental crown, the dentist proceeds by treating the damage caused to the teeth and then fixes the shape of the tooth, while veneer requires removal of enamel. In both cases, the patient is made to wear a temporary one before a permanent one is prepared.

Difference in terms of cost

The average cost of a dental crown is somewhere in between $800 to $1500 per tooth. Veneers are more expensive in comparison to the dental crowns. They cost domewheer between $1000 to $2000.

Dental crowns and dental caps are used for a better protection of teeth, while a veneer simply functions as a cosmetic enhancement. The blog discusses about the differences between a dental crown and a veneer and this can help you choose the right one for your teeth issues.

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