Easy Dance Steps For Weddings That Everyone Should Know

Weddings are one of the most fun parties and gatherings that people can attend; apart from getting together with loved ones, eating good food and seeing two love birds get together, there is the music that makes everyone, well most people, get off their seats and get on the dance floor. Wedding receptions are well known for having extravagant and bombastic group dances which usually become the highlight of the wedding, other than the bride and groom.

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Though music is supposed to inspire free movement on the dance floor, it would be best if some dances are choreographed in order or if the bride and groom are going to dance a solo together, then it would be best if they take some classes so that everything flows smoothly. As if would happen there are many dance studios in Miami and in the South Florida area that offer wedding dance lessons. The following list is some dance steps that are easy and that everyone should know before going to the wedding itself.

1. The Side Basic

In the realm of wedding dance lessons, the very basic and intermediate of dance moves is the side basic. This dance step involves two people in the typical two member dance stance, where they are holding hands as well as having hands on each other’s waist. Once the music begins, the dance mostly involves taking steps to the side and moving the hips in that direction; it is a simple dance move that goes to from side to side or left to right if like it that way. This is usually considered the very basic, usually a dance step for beginners who do not have much experience dancing or those who do not like to dance.

2. The Right Turn

This dance step is the next step in being in the choreography that you are going to learn; as stated this is the next step following the side basic. It is the same stance, posture, and movement with the exception that the leader in the dance step will twirl the partner. This dance step usually adds a certain resplendence to the dance step in total so that the overall dance step and to any choreography in general.

3. The Waltz: The Box

One of the prettiest of dance steps there are in the compendium of dance moves, the Box Waltz is one of those dance moves that could be termed “classic” because of the delicate fluttering that it incorporates. This is usually the first step past the beginner’s stage in wedding dance lessons. In a way, it is like the side basic with the exception that this dance step involves taking wide steps to the side and moving in a circular motion. As it goes, this dance step adds a certain quaint sophistication to the dance portion of the wedding and to the wedding itself.

4. The Under Arm Turn

Just like the with numbers one and two on this list the underarm turn is the side turn for the waltz; it involves the same turns as the waltz but the leader twirls his partner in the midst of the dance step. This adds a sparkle to the waltz and to the sophistication that the waltz brings to the wedding itself. This makes the overall resplendence even more eye-catching because the waltz involves a fluttering motion to the overall choreography, but now you add a twirl that grabs the attention of the people watching the dance.

5. The Dip

Another one of those lovely dance steps that are taught at wedding dance lesson studios is the Dip; this more or less involves all the movements mentioned in this list only with a final pose that gives off an appeal of ballet. This mostly involves the leader pushing his partner off of him and twirling her while drawing her near him and together they do this step where she leans back while he holds her. You see this a lot in ballet in its movement and in the manner with which the dance steps ends.

Weddings are such a happy occasion because of the union of two people who really love each other and the party that follows the celebration. There is food, lights, music, and champagne at these parties, as you may already know, but everyone is really looking forward to seeing ht brode and groom dance with one another in front of the entire crowd in attendance. There are many wedding dance lesson studios in Miami that offer lessons to these sorts of dance steps if you are going to get married soon.

Since primitive times, dancing has always been characterized as a sign of a good time; music and dancing are an essential element at a party or a get-together because of what it inspires in people to relax and enjoy themselves, especially at an event as joyous and resplendent as a wedding is. As stated above besides dancing themselves, those who attend the wedding want to see the bride and groom dancing because this solo dance together is a sign of the unity they have forged together. But, if you are not skilled in dancing or do not like to dance then it is best to take wedding dance lessons so you are not as dull on your wedding day.

There are many studios that offer these sort of dance lessons where you, the lovebird, soon to be married, can come with your partner and learn how it is done, respectively. There are many simple dance steps that you can perform that are, as stated simple, but at the same quite lovely that you can perform and not look dull sitting on your chair while your bride and the crowd are beaconing you to come and dance. You should always remember that this is not just your day as well, but it is your brides day as well and taking wedding dance lessons can really make a difference between a good time and an awkward time.

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