Everything About STDs – How You Contract And Treat Them

STD (or STI) refers to a group of sexually transmitted infections, caused by different bacteria, viruses or parasites that can be contracted in several ways (from sexual contact to indirect contact).

Knowing exactly how you can contract STDs will help you prevent these disease. But if you still get one of these infections you should know that seeing a doctor right away and taking the prescribed treatment are the solutions that will help you get well in a short time.

Although they embarrassing, STDs are not causing very serious health problems, if treat them on time and don’t pretend they don’t exist.

Here are the ways someone can get an STD:

Sexual contact

The most common way to get an STD is, of course, sexual contact. Unprotected sexual contact, usually. But not always. Unfortunately, protection methods are not 100% sure. So, you can get an STD even if you have protected sex. But, of course, you have more chances if you don’t use protection.

More than that, you can STD even from non-genitally penetrative sex (like dry sex, oral sex) and even from kissing. Anytime people’s’ bodily fluids are intermingling, STDs can be transmitted from one to the other.

Sharp Objects

When using needles you should be vigilant as they can be infected with an STD. Even if you are not using drugs, you should know that needles can be used by drug addicts that can be infected. If you get stuck with a needle that you are not sure it wasn’t used before you, contact the doctor right away.

The same rule goes for any other sharp objects like knives, scissors, razors etc.

Indirect Contact

The STDs that are caused by parasites (pubic lice, for example) can live outside the body for a while and so, they can be contacted from an object that the infected person used. For example, a towel that was used by a person who has pubic lice can infect someone that uses the same towel after them.

How to prevent STDs

Sexual abstinence and closing yourself into a bubble with no contact to the world outside are the single 100% guaranteed methods to prevent contracting STDs.

But this is something we cannot really do.

So here are some usual methods to prevent these infections:

Have sexual contact only with persons you know well and only after you have discussed some safer sex issues.

Don’t have unprotected sex

Avoid drugs as you can get infected from the needles and also because they can make you forget the first rule and have sex with people you don’t know too much about.

Avoid alcohol for the same reason: as it will lower your inhibitions and will engage in unsafe sexual relationships.

Reduce skin friction as it can contribute to breaks

If you get an STD, don’t panic and don’t feel so embarrassed that you pretend it doesn’t exist. All you have to do is go and see a doctor who is going to help you right away.

If you know you’ve been exposed to an STD, seeing a doctor as soon as possible is the best thing to do. Some medical sti test online will determine if you have been infected or not. The doctor will prescribe you a treatment and you will get rid of the disease soon if you follow his indication and take your medicine.

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