How Amateur Photographers Can Take Wedding Photos That Are Professional-Quality

We all agree that shooting photographs of a unique event like a wedding is best done by a professional photographer. We also know that professional photographers can cost a bomb, and often wedding budgets cannot accommodate them. This means that many couples have no other option but to appoint an amateur photographer, often a friend, to take care of preserving the memories of the most important occasion of their lives.

How Amateur Photographers Can Take Wedding Photos That Are Professional-Quality

In case, you are an amateur photographer who has been asked to shoot the wedding of a dear friend, we can understand your feeling of dismay, especially if you have never shot a wedding before in your life. Some tips so that you can wow your friends with photographs that dazzle just like that of a professional’s:

Anticipate Emotion

A great photograph is one that can tell an entire story in just a single frame. This is the sort of photograph that every photographer, amateur or professional, aspires to take. Typically, these photographs seem outstanding because they look extremely natural, capture emotion in a candid manner without looking staged. Looking at a photograph, it is very easy to tell whether it is a result of an asked-for pose or a splendid capture of a private emotion. In a typical wedding, there will be a few occasions where you will need to click photographs that are especially staged, but your reputation as a photographer will rise because of the shots you are able to take by anticipating a moment that is loaded with emotion. You need to be there at the time of the action, and that you can achieve only be predicting the moment.

Not only do you need to be discreet, but also you should be familiar with the lay of the land as well as the sequence of the events. Since you really cannot predict with any accuracy regarding the sort of photo-opportunity that may present itself, it is best that you carry at least a couple of cameras; one with a wide-angle zoom and another with a lens of 70-200mm 2.8 to make sure you are prepared for every exigency. Almost all professional Minneapolis wedding photographers make it a point of carrying multiple cameras since there is usually too little time for switching lenses around.

Make Use of Alternate Tripods

A bulky tripod can really restrict your movement so you should leave it behind and seek out alternatives that can do the job as well such as a window ledge or even the branch of a tree if you are shooting outside. If you do need to carry a tripod, then limit your choice to a GorillaPod that is easy to carry as well as store.

Ensure Secure Packing

If you are shooting in your hometown or even in the same country, then you can be a little liberal with your choice of equipment, however, if you are heading abroad then you have to be really careful in choosing your equipment. This is simply because a number of countries limit the amount of photographic equipment that can be brought into the country without having to obtain a work permit. Since this differs from country to country, do your research well.

It is best to carry all the equipment in a travel bag specifically meant for photographic equipment. These bags have all the necessary pouches, pockets, and zips that will keep all the stuff secure inside as well as excellent locking systems that will protect the equipment. The size is also perfect for stashing in the overhead luggage bins in the cabin. Ensure that you carry enough memory cards so that you don’t have to reuse them on the trip. Not only is this convenient but also serves a nifty image backup strategy.

Frame Your Shots Creatively

As a photographer, it is simply not enough to capture the bride and the groom in various poses. You need to add perspective to the shots so that they are able to tell a story about the occasion and the place. Treat the sun as your friend and don’t be afraid to shoot against it for added drama, but make sure that you don’t have the sunlight streaming directly onto the lens.

Author bio: Mike Sanders is one of the leading Minneapolis wedding photographers. Passionate about photography, he not only writes extensively on the subject in the online media but also conducts clinics for aspiring wedding photographers.

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