How Much Does A Lawyer Charge To Write Your Will?

Everyone should have a will made up while they are still alive and in sound mind. A will can make sure their last wishes are carried out. Many people are left wondering how much will an attorney charge for a will. The cost will vary based on the attorney. The legal fees to develop a will can range from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars.

Different estate planning lawyers charge different fees. It is best to ask for the fee upfront so there are no surprises. There are some lawyers that will charge a flat fee to write a will. There are some lawyers that will charge around $300 for the will. This is on the low end. The average price for a lawyer that charges a flat fee is around $1,000. There are several reasons why lawyers will charge a flat fee. They usually have forms that they have already written and use them as a template. They change the will around a little to fit the needs of each client. It will not take the lawyer a great deal of time to fill out this form. They do not have to keep track of the hours they worked either. A flat fee also helps build a relationship with the client. The client can call with any questions they may have and not worry about being billed for the extra time. Before hiring the lawyer be sure to ask how much they charge and what is included in the flat fee service.

How Much Does A Lawyer Charge To Write Your Will?

Expertise Determines Cost

There are other lawyers that will charge by the hour. Many lawyers charge around $200 for their services. Lawyers will take their time in six minute increments which is a tenth of an hour. They will bill for the entire six minutes even if they spend two minutes on a phone call. A lawyer that specializes in only estate planning will charge more money than a general practitioner since they have specialized knowledge.

There are some wills and estates  lawyers who will write the will as part of a service. The lawyer may also write a document that gives a chosen person power of attorney. They can also help a person develop a living will to make sure their last wishes are carried out. These documents are complicated so it is important that an experienced lawyer writes them. The lawyer may recommend a living trust as well. These services cost an average of $1,500 but a person will get several important legal documents for this price. Once all of the documents are filled out they will need to be signed and there will need to be a person as a witness. A person may contact the lawyer and make changes as needed.


Having a will is very important but a person needs to be prepared to pay for it. They should research the different lawyers in their area and find out the fees and what is included in the services before making their final decision.

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