How To Choose Security Roller Shutters For Optimum Security Purposes?

Roller shutters are a great investment for shop owners who want to enhance the security of their outlet. Good roller shutters can prevent prying eyes from getting a look at your operations; and more importantly, prevent break-ins and vandalism. However, like everything else, security roller shutters come in a lot of varieties, both in terms of materials and costs. It is very easy to install and maintain these shutters, and you can install these security shutters practically everywhere like in your yard rooms, in front of your garages, or if you have a company parking lot, then you can even install these shutters to secure the parking area.

Security Roller Shutters2

3 Tips when buying security roller shutters:

  1. Material matters: The most secure kind of roller shutters are the ones made from fiberglass. These are the toughest of the lot and are very difficult to vandalize. Security roller shutters made from fiberglass are the wisest choice if you have an establishment in a high-risk area. Apart from durability, you must also choose shutter materials which are termite-proof and fire-proof. At the same time, they must not be affected due to moisture and rust also.
    • Roller shutters made from metal are the most popular choice among commercial establishment owners because of their affordable price.
    • Sometimes, you may need a security roller shutter just to prevent someone from prying on your business operations.
    • In such a case, shutters from uPVC should be suitable. uPVC is not the strongest of materials around, but it still does the job of giving you privacy.

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  1. Budget matters too, of course: As stated above, fiberglass security roller shutters are the most expensive shutters. You could opt for manual shutters, which are a little less expensive. However, if you want maximum security for your shop, it is best that you opt for electric roller shutters.The least expensive of the lot are uPVC security roller shutters. You could convert your manual roller shutters into electric ones. However, it is best to buy electric roller shutters to begin with. Retrofitting shutters with automatic mechanism can sometimes be troublesome.
  1. Make sure you have bullet locks: Once you have decided on the shutters that you want to buy for your shop, the first thing you need to ensure is proper installation. Most times, the dealer that you buy the shutter from will take care of installation. The shutters need to be properly fixed on to the wall.
    • They should glide easily. Apart from proper installation, it is also wise to secure them even more with locks. There are locks specially made for security roller shutters, and these are high quality burglar-resistant bullet locks.
    • While installing locks on shutters may seem like a simple enough idea, it actually requires expertise. Ask your roller shutter dealer to install them for you. With the use of all these tips you can select the best security roller shutters.

Security Roller Shutters

Maintenance is important too: The good thing about security roller shutters is that they are mostly maintenance free. However, here are a few tips to make sure that the security of your establishment is not compromised because of malfunctioning shutters:

  1. There should be no debris or dust beneath the shutters, or in the glides. It prevents the shutters from operating optimally.
  1. You should not spray water in the box and mechanism area of security roller shutters. Just spray the surface of the shutters once every month or so.
  1. When locking your shutter, make sure it is fully down before you lock it.
  1. Make sure you wipe the surface of the shutters with a damp cloth every once in a while.

A little bit of cleaning and dusting is all it takes to keep your security roller shutters in good shape.

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