Improve Your Skin With The New Age Anti-Aging Procedure

The key to a healthy, smooth and shining skin is Collagen. The production of collagen in our body slows down with age and is nearly halved by the age of 35. This causes the skin to lose its youthfulness with the appearance of lines and it starts to become saggy. Dr. Michael Steppie is a famous dermatologist and a leading doctor of dermatological surgery. He has done extensive research on skin cancer and is a practicing Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgeon. His expertise in skin health and beauty has resulted in new age Anti-aging formulation and procedures that are safe and organic.

The new anti-aging serums help protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The serum fights skin aging and safeguards the integrity of the skin as the ingredients are organic and contain stem cells from plants that help restore the elasticity of skin making it firmer and plumper.

Improve Your Skin With The New Age Anti-Aging Procedure

These anti-aging procedures are safe and some of its salient features are:

  • They have been tested and found to be safe by skincare research centers.
  • They boost cellular metabolism and the skin is visibly rejuvenated.
  • They contain Organic extracts that are safe and work well.


The healthcare provider applies a pattern of tiny laser energy pulses which are scanned and controlled. This procedure is customized as per the parameters researched by Dr. Michael Steppie to your skin type after conducting detailed testing of your skin. During the procedure, the healthcare provider fine-tunes the laser to suit the needs of your skin to obtain optimum results. Some areas are given more intensive treatment depending on the needs of the corners of mouth for instance.

The laser treatment procedure creates thousands of microscopic holes on the skin. Unlike the other laser treatments, it leaves tissues that are healthy around these microscopic holes. This aids in the rapid healing of skin tissue and minimizing the overall damage.


After determining as to whether it is advisable for your skin to undergo this procedure, a one-time procedure can give visible results and skin will appear healthier, smoother, brighter and younger. Though aging cannot be stopped. By using proper sunscreen and other serums the skin can retain its youthfulness for much longer.


The procedure is quite safe as there is no invasive skin surgery or injections. Sedation is not at all required during the procedure, only a topical anesthetic is used. After the procedure, the skin may appear reddish like a sunburn. There may also be some swelling and discomfort but is not a cause for worry. The pre-treatment and post-treatment of skin with serums must be carried out as prescribed to achieve optimum results.

The procedure may have to be repeated a few more times depending on your skin condition and takes anywhere between thirty to forty-five minutes for each procedure.


Ageing of skin cannot be stopped as it is a natural phenomenon but the new age anti-aging procedure can keep your skin healthier, brighter, smoother and younger for much longer. The procedure discovered by Dr. Michael Steppie is quite safe. The pre-treatment and post-treatment serums and creams used have organic ingredients that fasten the rejuvenation of your skin.

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