LG V20: What Makes It Unique?

LG V20 is a highly awaited phone worldwide, and it is all set to launch in San Francisco on the 6th of September. This is a unique phone, and the first to have Android Nougat operating system, LGV20 has so many unique features that makes it a futuristic product in the smartphone market. This is one device that has stepped into another era, and what is so unique about it, let us explore.

LG V20 has a top-class design and it is inventive, according to reports, it will have a modular design similar to the G5 smartphone. The leaked teaser image reveals, the presence of a second screen that has widgets and displays for notifications. There are also In-Apps icon, and the function of this is unknown. The design of LG V20 is innovative as well, the phone has neat round wedges and stunning black band present below display that has professional LG branding, and under the black band there is a slender swappable module. On the left is volume rocker and under the camera there is a power button. The phone will have an advanced 32-bit Quad DAC feature and will have class-performing audio and video. The phone is 7.7mm thick and has a width and height dimension of 78.1mm and 159.5mm respectively.

LG V20: What Makes It Unique?

The most interesting aspect about the LG V20 is it is the first smartphone that is not a Nexus to have Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. It is not only LG V20 that is a new signature product of the smartphone world, Samsung has the Galaxy Note 7. LG V20 is a slender phone and it will be revealed during the prestigious IFA 2016 event. The phone is going to have an incredible one-of-a kind design different from V10. It will have a dual-camera selfie and second screen strip and the robust audio system is contributed by the incorporation of a revolutionary Hi-Fi 32 bit DAC technology.

LGV20 is the first phone to have a powerful 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC system, engineered to offer world-class audio capacity and this is the first of a kind system inserted into the phone. It is going to be an awesome experience to listen to tunes on LG V20, the 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC system is just supreme and the quality of sound is superbly clear and crisp. There is no room for any kind of jar, and the ambient noise is lowered by a maximum amount of 50%. Juno Cho, the President of LG Electronics and Mobile Communications commented on the audio power of LGV20 and said, ‘’a top quality video offered in LGV20 is a representation of exemplary advancement of the smartphone industry, and this is a revolutionary discovery since the industry is moving towards a more spectacular multimedia experience. We are honored to bring in high level of class to LG V20 consumers’ V20 is engineered with an admirable 5.7-inch display and potent 820 SoC Snapdragon processor. It has 4GB RAM, twin camera on the rear and USB type C port.

A significant feature of LGV20 to take note of is the presence of dual-lens camera system at the rear, and above it is a circular fingerprint scanner. An important point to remember is there is no front facing camera, and instead there is a secondary screen above the main display. This phone is going to offer the best viewing experience a customer can wish for. It is engineered with an innovative and supreme 5.7-inch Quad HD display with a phenomenal screen resolution power of 2560×1440. At present nothing is known about the resolution power of the secondary screen and reports say it is expected to be 160×1040 pixels.

LG V20 has a sturdy build, but it is a thin devise and the thickness dimension is 7.7mm, and this is an innovative feature indeed, to create a visually robust devise with an impressively thin dimension. The presence of the dual lens camera increases the thickness of the phone and with the camera the dimension of the phone is 8.8mm.

LGV20 is among the most desired phones particularly among individuals who are looking at powerful modern devises from every angles. For people who are really keen on buying this phone, let us summarize some of the interesting features.

Design and Display : LGV20 is likely to have three cameras, two displays and a big screen, and it is built with a sturdy Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen and it offers immense protection. The 5.7 inch full HD screen is super classy with a 2560×1440 pixel resolution. There is a 2.1-inch secondary display as well with a resolution of 1040×160 pixels. The viewing angles are great and this is just an amazing devise to engage in top-class games, movies and music. You can experience a fantastic delightful double visual experience, and that is why LGV20 is considered to be a futuristic smartphone.

Storage : Consumers can enjoy fantastic storage space in LG V20, and it has a 32 or 64GB storage that can expand to 256GB with the aid of microSD card. There is a 6 GB RAM as well and it facilitates superior charging and efficient battery power.

Camera : The phone has a dual front selfie shooter packed with LED flash, the primary 16MP camera captures world-class pictures and the clarity of image is excellent and it look picturesque beyond words. LG V20 is engineered with Vulkan API and it offers great graphics for amazing theater and gaming experience. The secondary 5MP shooter has Panorama, HDR, smile/face detection, auto focus and LED flash.

Price : The phone is expected to be sold at a price of Rs 40,000. LG V20 is just ultramodern, and the signature features to take note is the presence of double display, efficient 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio system, super powerful storage and best-in-class camera features. LG has literally transformed V20 smartphone into a new era.

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