Looking For Accounting Employment Agencies | Tips &Amp; Insights

A Few Simple Tips That Can Help You Find The Right One For You

After going to all that time and trouble to become a certified accountant, you now have another task ahead of you. That of actually finding a job as an accountant. While there is no shortage of demand for our services, there is also no shortage in the supply of financial professionals. To give you a better idea, there are 664,532 CPA licensed accountants in the United States as of this writing. As such, you may need the help of a good accounting employment agency to get your career off the ground.

Accounting employment agencies take a lot of the guesswork out of the process for you. Since they already know the business so well, it takes away that nagging pressure and leaves you to concentrate on doing the best work you can do. I would like to offer you, the reader, a few helpful tips to look at when seeking employment agencies.

One thing is to make sure that you find an employment agency that specializes in financial/accounting jobs. There are a huge number of employment agencies, but remember that you are specifically looking for accounting employment agencies. It is of the utmost importance to avoid general temp services that commonly find employment for unschooled and unskilled individuals. You aren’t looking for a factory job here, so pick an agency that suits your goal of becoming a high powered financial wizard.

There are certain things you should ask about as early as possible. One of these things is the location factor. You probably don’t want to pick up and move to an entirely different town if it can be avoided. So make sure that your chosen agency can find you a local job. If you have to drive more than an hour to get there, you might as well move.

You should also look for an agency that offers good career coaching. While your primary goal is to find a job, and you should remain focused on that, it is still good to know that your employment agency is going the extra mile to help you develop your skills and your resume in the way that only seasoned professionals can. The following survey found that 92% of respondents found their career coaching experience to be valuable.

Another thing to ask about early on is the exact name and nature of the companies that they work with. It is a good sign if the agency works through major companies that are known to you. It is not a good sign if they only offer jobs with minor, rinky dink operations that are not likely to offer much opportunity for advancement. The following resource will help you to evaluate each company and how prosperous they are.

Another thing to take into account is whether this work will be temporary or permanent. This is something that will vary a lot from one agency to another, so make sure you ask. Depending on your situation, either one might be preferable. In general, though, you want something that at least has the possibility of being hired on permanently.

And of course, it goes without saying that you should take the general courtesy of the staff into account. While you may not care all that much about this factor, bear in mind that you will probably have to deal with these people on a regular basis. As such, you want them to be people that you like interacting with and who do their best to provide the best service possible.

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