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How to Get Started With Screen Printing

Quality screen printing from Dalesway.co.uk will help your organization to produce more attractive products. The color is carefully transferred in this way overall to the end product that you wish to print, one color at a time. With the quality screen printing equipment used by Dalesway, you’ll be able to keep your items for years.

A team of screen printers will need to prepare the screens that you wish to print, and these will also need to be precisely set on a screen printing carousel. This screen printing carousel will function with one screen per color. A screen printing carousel with six arms will allow a maximum of six printing colors.



Why You Should Use Screen Printing

This method guarantees the speed of execution and quality, but the preparation of these screens involves artisanal work. Sometimes these projects may require an initial expense that is frequently only profitable if you wish to create a large run of the same pattern. For a brush application, you should remember that the base should be diluted.

Quality screen printing equipment will also provide a significant and attractive alternative to other advertising techniques. The first step is therefore for the artisan to work on the screen to set up a real stencil. The screen may then be carefully coated with a photosensitive emulsion.

This photosensitive emulsion may then harden when it is exposed to ultraviolet light. The reason why you want this result is so that you’ll not solidify the surface corresponding to the logo. An adequately insulated screen that is developed with some high-quality equipment will resolve in a few minutes overall.

So, I hope that this article has helped you to learn a little about how screen printing works. For more complex and smaller prints, such as drawings with gradients or photographs, then digital printing is frequently the recommended technique to use. Before you print on your fabric surface, you should make sure that your textile surface is ready to receive and retain a specific type of ink that is suitable for the textile printing that you plan to make use of.

How Screen Printing Works

It is up to the screen printing artisan to design the colors, the logo, and to vectorize everything. The technology used for many years by many different organizations for digital printing on fabric has been developed by a group of innovative multinational companies that have some highly specialized experience with textile printing. But before we finish this article, we should quickly discuss a few of the strengths and the weaknesses of these different printing techniques.

When you request a quote from a company that provides screen printing, you must send your logo and also indicate the desired textile you would like them to use with the color and quantity that you want. You may wish to submit the logo as a vector file or a PSD file. If you do this, then the pattern will correspond to what you would like to see once all of the printing work is done.


The logo may even be vectorized by using some specific types of software.

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