Most Common Skin Diseases You Should Know About

The skin on the body is the largest organ in terms of both size and weight which means it is an area of the body to care for in the best way. When a skin problem arises, it is a good idea to contact the best dermatologist Bangkok residents and visitors trust. Skin conditions can take many different forms from cancer to acne and wrinkles. There are two forms of skin conditions classed as temporary to permanent depending on whether they can be solved by the best dermatologist Bangkok residents work with.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This problem is common in babies and small children but a little rarer in those who are older. In babies, the issue is usually referred to as cradle cap and is defined by areas of greasy, scaly skin usually found on the head of the child. Cradle cap usually disappears on its own over time and does not return when an individual reaches adulthood; however, in some people, the condition can return when they reach maturity with a top dermatologist offering a range of treatments.


A condition often is seen in teens and adults which can be treated with both over-the-counter medications and prescription strength options. Acne is often one of the most distressing skin conditions for teens and adults because of the appearance of the small blotches and possibility of scarring if left untreated. The pores of the skin are known for the production of oil which can become infected and create small red pimples with a white head of pus at the surface. Cysts can be produced when the oil in the pores is infected and larger infections of the skin occur to produce unsightly lumps.


Moles are classified as a permanent issue with the skin which can lead to the problem of melanoma. This is often a life-threatening issue which is classified as a form of cancer damaging the skin at many levels and can be treated using medical treatments including chemotherapy and surgery. It is important to contact the best dermatologist Bangkok has to offer when a mole changes shape or size and takes on an uneven color.

Fungal Nail Infection

Although one may not think of the nails as something a dermatologist would examine, a fungal nail infection is treated as a skin condition. The problem is usually related to the development of a fungus close to or within the nail which leads to an unsightly yellowing of the nail and a flaky appearance.

Cold sores

One of the most common skin conditions in the world, cold sores are caused by the herpes virus for which there is no known cure. The cold sore is characterized by its large, red appearance and burning, tingling sensation under the skin.

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