Opioid has become a menace in The United States of America and the family members and loved ones of those who have come back to the path of sobriety, only know how difficult it would have been to get them drug-free.  

The path would have been more difficult if you have tried the Ibogaine treatment. Although ibogaine benefits in curbing addiction and substance-related craving, using a psychedelic drug to get rid of addiction of another pose serious risks. Ibogaine has been highly effective in controlling addiction, especially for those who have tried almost every conventional detox method, but to no avail.


There is always a fear looming in the minds of the concerned relative, owing to the limited research and lack of evidence,  that their family member might never get out of addiction or relapse in a short duration. Keeping this into consideration we are going to share what common pitfalls you should avoid ensuring there is no relapse and how can one adjust to their usual life post-treatment:


Most people make the mistake of following the routine only in the time of rehabilitation programme and not take care of their body post-treatment, as advised by Ibogaine treatment practitioner. This is the reason why it is recommended to join an Ibogaine treatment aftercare recovery programs, that will help reinforce the habit of following a healthy regime.

Another important thing to remember is that there is no haste for you to fix everything that addiction ruined. Getting overwhelmed and running in all direction to transform every aspect of your life can be explosive and destroy the purpose of treatment. Take baby steps and start by taking care of yourself.


You have time to reflect upon your daily life, post Ibogaine treatment and it is this time when you should prepare a reality-based plan of how you wish to progress and who are all the people you would need the support of, in staying at the path of sobriety.


It can be anything, a person or a place, steer clear of any and every negative influence in your life. Always surround yourself with people who have your best interest in their heart and will motivate you to stay sober and happy.LOSING TOUCH WITH YOURSELF:

Ibogaine treatment and aftercare are profoundly impacted by how you perceive yourself and your current situation. You should deeply reflect on your what led you to start the substance abuse in the first place and how have you suffered and what all you have lost to seek minutes of hallucinating refuge from reality. Your experience are going to help you make informed decisions in the future.

Aftercare is as vital as Ibogaine treatment, and this strengthens the will to stay sober and live life responsibly. If you or someone you know wishes to get rid of the addiction for good and live a healthier life, we suggest you reach out to an Aftercare recovery residency that will provide therapeutic support after Ibogaine treatment. These residencies also offer financial assistance to those who can not afford the cost of the residence. You can rest assured that your confidentiality will be maintained. To know more about the aftercare recovery, immediately get in touch with Ibogaine Recovery Professionals.

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