Unless one has been a part of it, no one can fathom the physical and mental pain that a person who has just been in a car accident has to go through. The injuries can range from minor to disabling, and the trauma that stays in the individual’s mind can take a significant time to erase from the memories.

If you know someone who has been recently injured in a car accident, that was a result of someone else’s fault, like someone drinking under the influence was behind the wheels of the cars that crashed with them, you should suggest them to consult an attorney in Maine immediately. If you have been accused of drinking under the influence, a Maine DUI attorney will help prove your innocence, and if you are first time offender, they can help minimize your punishment and penalty.

But being specific, if you made the wise decision of filing a car accident claim, make sure you don’t make the following mistakes as they have the power to impact your claim result adversely:



Don’t accept a settlement check:

The negligent party might try to coerce you into not turning it into a legal battle and offer you some handsome sum, but never agree to it. You must immediately talk to your attorney about it as this can help prove the guilt of the other party in the court and how they tried to bribe you not to file claims.

Waiting for a long time before contacting the insurance company:

Insurance company accept the claim for accident compensation only for a limited time frame, and hence while we understand that you are recovering, we would suggest you contact your insurer within three days of the collision.

Not preserving the evidence:

The plaintiff should know that the burden of proof lies with them and the attorney representing them. Make sure that all the evidence from shoes, photographs, cloth to bits and pieces of anything significant that has damaged, should remain intact. Don’t discard the evidence or wash the clothes and shoes as it will decrease the weight of your case. Your attorney can use these evidence to prove your innocent and get you the compensation for whatever physical and no-physical damage that you have suffered because of the accident.

Admitting Guilt:

Admitting to having been guilty will not only benefit the negligent party, but this statement will also rob you of any compensation that you would have originally received if you hadn’t given in to pressure. If your negligence didn’t cause the accident, then you have nothing to fear as long as you have a proficient attorney representing you.

One must not take car accident claims casually, either they have been the victim of the accident or have been accused of driving under the influence. In either case, one should consult either a personal injury attorney or Maine DUI attorney, who will make sure that you get justice and are not serving a sentence for something you didn’t do.

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