New Tech In 2018

Every year, there are cool new tech gadgets that come out and 2018 is no different. Part of the challenge each year is recognizing which technology is going to take hold and have an influence on the industry going forward. Previous tech such as 3D and virtual reality have been expected to take off and many have their eye on the tech gadgets of 2018.

#1 – Artificial embryos

Using stem cells only, researchers have been able to create embryo-like structures that come from no egg or sperm cells whatsoever. This is the first time this is been deemed possible and it will open up opportunities for development and the questioning of what life itself truly means. Many are concerned that artificial embryos have ethical and even philosophical issues and that the research will get struck down. However, scientists have spoke out about the issue and stated there is an invaluable scientific resource at our fingertips with artificial embryos, and they could help us understand how life develops.

#2 – Cloud based AI

Artificial intelligence has been a huge talking point of recent years and with some technology, it’s becoming a reality. Some of the biggest companies in the world are investing in AI systems and cloud-based AI is expected to be the next big breakthrough of 2018. Businesses like Empowermented have expressed interest in growing through AI and now Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM are all working on their own AI machine learning systems. Artificial intelligence in the cloud will likely utilize neural network technology that makes AI accessible for businesses around the world. This will change manufacturing and logistics, making it cheaper and easier for businesses to deploy the products and services they need.

#3 – Self-driving Cars

We’ve been waiting for self-driving cars for many years but the new tech in 2018 suggests it will finally be a reality. Everyone’s familiar with the fact that self-driving cars have been introduced before, but now there is talk of vehicles that are completely self-driving and acting as a taxi service. This would, of course, mean more efficient commutes, less time waiting in traffic, fewer accidents, and game-changing innovation through artificial intelligence. Tesla motors and Elon musk also say that the autopilot features of Tesla vehicles will offer limited self driving capability that could take drivers from California to New York in the very near future. With a simple software update, this could become a reality for Tesla owners at any time.

#4 – Hypervsn

Hypervsn is a 3D hologram technology that is touted as the ultimate solution for delivering amazing 3D graphics in midair with a holographic visual effect. Their cutting-edge platform allows individuals to manage and display unique 3D video content shown as a holographic in midair. The high-tech hardware behind the device is able to generate 3D visuals that can be perceived by viewers in high resolution without the use of the screen. This technology is expected to help businesses grow by providing them with unique visual displays that will wow the world and help these businesses stand apart at the professional level. Simple, intuitive, and smart. Hypervsn foresees their technology being used in shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, cinemas and theaters, banks, fitness gyms, travel agencies, trade shows, restaurants, airports, cruise ships, casinos, food courts, bars, nightclubs, hospitals, and much more. Their technology could lead the way and be the next home theater system.

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