Perfect Guide To Know About Different Types Of Trailers

A trailer is usually a vehicle that is not powered by self. It is attached to a different power vehicle which pulls the trailer. It is widely used in the transportation of goods, materials and other items. The trailer is the most important item in almost all the types of businesses since the vehicle has proved to be very handy at the time of transportation. There are numerous manufacturers of trailers and hence trailers are readily available in the market. The wholesale trailers are available at pocket-friendly prices and hence it fits in the budget of everyone.

Perfect Guide To Know About Different Types Of Trailers

Different Types of Trailers

There are different types of wholesale trailers that are for sale in the market. The types are mainly classified according to as the use of the trailer. The different types of trailers are as mentioned below.

  1. Bicycle Trailer – This trailer is basically a wheeled frame without any motor. It is equipped with a hitch system so that it can be used for transportation with the bicycle. This greatly increases the cargo capacity of the bicycle.
  2. Construction Trailer – These structures are mobile in nature and can be moved from one place to another with ease. Hence these trailers are used to accommodate temporary offices, storage unit, dining facilities and storage of all the materials used for the construction of buildings. These are greatly preferred because of their usage.
  3. Travel Trailer – These are generally used for the purpose of traveling as indicated by its name. These are usually lightweight and they are generally lower than the vehicle that pulls it for the reduction of drag.
  4. Semi-Trailer – A semi-trailer or a semi-trailer truck is devoid of an axle at the front. The greater proportion of the weight of the trailer is either supported by a tractor or by a front assembly of an axle that is detachable. These trailers have diverse structures and designs which vary according to the use of the trailer.
  5. Full Trailer – This is basically a long trailer and it has a larger capacity since it has a large area. In general, the size of these trailers ranges from 2.4 to 2.6 meters in width and 11 to 12 meters in length. These trailers are supported by both the front and rear axles and are pulled by a drawbar.
  6. Close-Coupled Trailer – These types of trailers are fitted with a tow bar that is fixed to project from the front and is attached to the hook of the tractor which pulls the trailer. These trailers do not pivot in contrast to the drawbar.
  7. Motor Cycle Trailer – These trailers are specifically designed to haul motorcycles at the back of a truck or an automobile. They can be opened or closed according to the nature and the size of the trailers.
  8. Trailer Winches – These trailers are designed in such a way that loading or unloading from boats and cargos to and from a trailer.
  9. Livestock Trailer – These trailers as indicated by the name are used for the transportation of cattle, horses and other similar animals. They are enclosed at the bottom and have openings at the eye level of the animals for ventilation.
  10. Boat Trailer – These trailers are a bit different as compared to the other trailers. They are designed in such a way that they are capable of launching, retrieving, carrying and sometimes even storing of the boats. These trailers are usually self – propelled.

Thus, it can be seen that the wholesale trailers are of different types and are classified according to the usage. They are extremely useful vehicles and are used for different purposes.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned information helps you to understand about various types of trailers. Let’s go here to get more details.

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