Popular Myths About IVF Busted

If there is one thing that has truly revolutionized the field of fertility medicine, it has to be in vitro fertilization (IVF). Not only does it give infertile couples a chance to experience the joy of parenthood, but also have given them the opportunity to decide certain things about their new-born. This includes determining their gender, eye-color, and even IQ. Sounds too good to be true? Yes, this is the precise reason why several myths are associated with this new medical treatment. Many find it extremely harmful to interfere with nature but IVF is safe in every possible way and have shown its credibility by bringing out positive results for many.      

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization Treatment is the artificial fertilization of an egg outside the body. It is one of the most common infertility solutions with an optimum success rate across the globe. Though, the technique is highly successful but it is also surrounded by some erroneous myths. Couples looking out for infertility solutions may hear a lot of statements about IVF that may not be true. That is why; we have busted some common myths about this procedure in an effort to bring more awareness in general crowd.   

IVF Always Results In Twins Or Triplets

This is one of the most bizarre myths about IVF. In-vitro fertilization does not always result in multiple children. Initially, the process of IVF was less refined and doctors transferred two or more embryos in the uterus, but now things have changed drastically. An accurate diagnosis and continuous monitoring of doses eliminates the risk of multiple babies.

IVF Poses The Risk Of Producing Children With Birth Defects

This is again a common myth that couples have about IVF.  Many studies have proven that the significant risk of having a baby via IVF with birth defects is very low. Hospitals like Fortis La Femme specialize in female fertility treatment and IVF and have a good success rate so far. Improvements in the IVF process have also reduced any added risks that the procedure initially posed.

IVF is The Only Remedy For Infertility

Though, IVF is perhaps the best remedy for infertility but it isn’t the only remedy. Most people have a false belief that IVF is the only solution available for female infertility. In reality, there are a lot of other options like fertility medicines, artificial insemination or surgeries to repair scar tissues. It is important to have a detailed consultation with a specialist and determine which treatment is correct for you.

An Extremely Risky Treatment

IVF is in fact, a very safe treatment. Only 1-2 percent patients are affected with ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome and that can be treated as well. Fertility treatment experts at Fortis La Femme claim that the probability of risks can be minimized to a large extent with close monitoring and continuous diagnosis and evaluation.

100% Success Rate, No Matter What

IVF is definitely the safest and credible method to have children but the success rate heavily depend upon the women’s age. The success rate decreases as per the age factor. Here is the percentage of success rate for various age groups:

  • 47% for under 35
  • 42% for 35-37
  • 33% for 38-40
  • 22% for 41-42  

Usually middle aged women go for IVF but those in their 20’s can also go for it if they have trouble in conceiving.

For the past few years, IVF has bought hope to the life of many couples who wanted to experience the joy of being a parent. With IVF clinics mushrooming almost everywhere in the country, it is very difficult to pick a right clinic for you. Choosing Fortis La Femme is the safest bet here. With a team of experts who have treated several patients, the hospital has a promising success rate in this domain

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