Powerful Mudras That Are Beneficial For Your Health

Have you ever heard that your hands have a healing power that can heal several ailments? Yes, you have heard it right! There are different types of hand and finger postures that can help you in keeping the flow of energy within your mind, spirit, and body. By practicing hand gestures, you can be able to revitalize your body in just a matter of few minutes. And, these hand and finger postures are called as “Madras” in Yoga and considered a powerful tool for channeling the energy flow within the body. The best thing about mudras is that anyone can do them because it does not require much flexibility as required by other Yoga postures. From Akash Mudra to Gyan Mudra Shuni Mudra, and much more, there are different powerful mudras that can benefit you in a number of ways.

Powerful Mudras That Are Beneficial For Your Health

Here are some of the powerful mudras that are beneficial for your health:

  • Gyan Mudra:

This is the most common yet powerful mudra that has been prevailing in mainstream society for last many years. Usually, this posture is practiced by meditators during meditation. The aim of this mudra is to improve your concentration power by sharpening your memory. One should not forget to use this mudra while seeking to gain knowledge about anything. To perform this mudra, you have to touch index fingertip to the tip of a thumb keeping rest of the fingers straight.

  • Akash Mudra:

Akash Mudra is quite popular Yoga posture that is performed while trying to connect with the divine power, i.e. God. Moreover, this mudra is also helpful in getting you rid of several chronic problems as well. While practicing Akash Mudra, you need to sit crossed legs in a relaxed position and press the middle finger using the tip of your thumb while keeping rest of the fingers in a straight position. It is advised to practice this posture for around 45 minutes every day. You can either practice it in one or if it seems boring to you, you can do it thrice for 15minutes in a day.

  • Prana Mudra:

Since this kind of mudra is able to activate dormant energy in your body, it is considered as one of the important mudras that everyone should practice. Because Prana is the essential life force in all living things, this mudra is responsible for awakening your personal prana and can keep you in tune with prana all around you. To perform this kind of mudra, you have to touch the tip of your thumb with your pinky and ring fingers and holding rest of the fingers in a straight position.

  • Surya mudra:

This type of mudra is performed for increasing the fire element in the body while refiningdigestion and metabolism. By reducing heaviness from the body and helping to keep away cold, this mudra can increase the core temperature of the body. For performing this type of mudra, you have to bend down your ring finger and join it with the base of your thumb in such a way that your thumb could touch the knuckle of the ring finger.

  • Ganesha Mudra:

Named after Lord Ganesh, this mudra is considered as the posture meant for removing obstacles from life. Since this mudra has the ability to help you regain positivity, it is a great reliever for all types of obstructions in your life. Apart from the spiritual benefits and mental benefits, this mudra also benefits your cardiac muscles. To perform this mudra, get your left hand in front of your chest by facing palm in an outward direction and left thumb down. Then, get your right hand in front of your left hand by facing right palm towards the left palm. Hold both hands in a half-bent position.

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