Read This IF: You Are Using A Prosthetic Hand

A prosthetic hand can surely assist you in daily activities. The prosthetic arm, knee or leg; needs care and maintenance. Otherwise, the user may end up suffering from the various infections and reduced flexibility of amputated body part.

  • Getting a prosthetic surgery is not an easy task. The use of the prosthetic device can be much more difficult to learn and to adjust.
  • Practicing the use of the artificial limb is a way the person can get used to of it. Practicing also comprises of the stretching exercises that improve the comfort level of the body towards the socket of the prosthetic device.

Read This IF You Are Using A Prosthetic Hand

While setting the length and the position of the prosthetic hand or limb compare the stump and measure it to the fit opposite limb.

  • Positioning can be considered of ample importance as the limb, or the hand should function similar to the other limb.
  • This helps the brain in maintaining rhythm with the amputated body part. Positioning also accounts for the aligning of the prosthesis.

Prosthetic limbs call for alteration in the day to day activities that we perform. For example, it is advisable to take a bath in the night as the warm water may cause body parts to swell.

  • Swollen body parts can cause problems while wearing prosthetic devices.
  • Cleaning the skin of the amputated limb is essential. Use a mild soap to clean the body part on a daily basis.
  • Cleaning and washing are of paramount importance as the use of the prosthetic device can cut the air supply to the limb where it is attached.
  • The bacteria can otherwise grow in these sites to spread infections on the skin.

The protection of the skin is considered an important step when using a prosthetic device. Taking care of the skin ensures the socket, the stump and other parts of the device are not causing any rashes on the skin.

  • Pressure patches is a common problem that is faced by prosthetic device users. Any delay in addressing to these patches can cause damage to the body and the device.

The body parts may change shape and size. The change might be a slight one. However, this slight change can cause a big trouble to the amputated limb.

  • The prosthetic device may require adjustments.
  • Keeping additional socks to make adjustments is advisable. It is advisable not to keep a pillow under the knee or leg that is using a prosthetic device to perform functions.
  • This may lead to a number of flexibility issues like the inability to straighten the leg.

Device maintenance is often ignored by the users that have been using a prosthetic device for a long time.

  • With time, these devices may require minor repairs. Do not make the repairs to the devices if you are not a qualified expert in the field. It is advisable to adhere and to follow the instructions for leading an uninterrupted experience.

In case of any issues related to the device and the residual limb taking the advice of a  doctor or prosthetist.

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