Serving As A Jury: Top Reasons You Should Be Proud Of

A jury is a crucial part of the criminal justice system in every country. Jurors listen to the evidence and proofs presented by both parties the prosecution and defense, discuss the case with each other, and finally come to a decision as to the innocence and guilt of an individual on a trial. Jury duty is a great privilege and a right, but there are many reasons that people these days are excused from this jury. This is a shameful thing as being a juror is a thing an individual should be proud of getting the chance to perform. Jury duty is not something most citizens look forward to. Many people turn their ways to avoid getting into the jury pool.

Serving As A Jury: Top Reasons You Should Be Proud  Of

What is a Jury?

A jury pool is a group of 12 ordinary citizens, with a common sense that can be applied to the case of determining the innocence and guilt of a person accused of a crime. In case the jury fails to reach a final decision, they will be discharged and a new trial with the new group of jurors is ordered by the judge.

Who can Become a Juror?

An individual  doesn’t have to need any extraordinary skills to severe as a juror. If you are a registered voter over the age of 18 or older, can become a juror. No matter whether you are a scientist, a shop assistant, a retiree, or a professor, you can serve as a juror. You should be able to read and write ENGLISH language and have not been convicted of an offense. If you are in Broward, you should be the resident of Broward County.

Who are Jury Selection Consultants?

Jury selection is a process that requires too much analysis and deep research in cases involving high-stakes and high profile cases.

Jury selection consultants are the professionals of human behavior, providing assistance to lawyers in the juror selection.

Below are great reasons why a jury duty is the best thing an individual can get.


You should feel privileged in getting the chance of serving as a juror. Not everyone gets a chance to become a juror and yes, it’s a fact. There are citizens you are working hard in order to become a jury member, and have never got a chance to sit on a jury. If you have this golden chance, then be proud, especially as so many others don’t even get the option.


No two trials can be the same.  Sitting in the seat as a jury member, you are unknowingly creating a history.  Listening, to both of the parties, collecting information and making a final decision plays an important role in the cases.  This is a one-of-the-kind experience.


When you are a jury member, your job is to ensure that a fair decision is made. Well, that’s a great responsibly.  Listening, taking the information, and following the court directions, you will get a chance to make sure to create a real impact on justice. No matter, even the justice that a defendant is sentenced to prison or goes free.

Don’t say no to jury duty when you get the chance. Be proud, as you are participating in a procedure that proves the legal system of your country as fair.

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