Shoreline Erosion Hazards: It’s Time To Do Justice To The Environment

Shoreline erosion hazards are a man-made and natural occurrence that negatively impact the edge between the shoreline and the 0cean. Several islands encounter a wide variety of shoreline threats such as storms,  high winds, waves, hurricanes, pollution, sometimes often results in floods and long and short-term shoreline erosion. Their hazards are the risks of life and properties based on the shoreline. The challenge remains to reduce a loss of life and other threats while protecting the environment. Many times these hazards are aggravated by pollution, poor shoreline construction practices and, may also result from several human-induced activities.

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Because of the ongoing occurrence of coastal or shoreline erosion, potential tropical storm and heavy winds, the shoreline hazards are being raised in particular.


Individuals who work or stay in shoreline or coastal areas face risks from these disasters. Dangers from shoreline hazards are expected to rise in the coming time as construction practices, populations and other development activities are continuing to increase in these areas. The possibility of damage to critical facilities lives lost, impact on businesses and homes highlight the need to understand the impact and other devastation of shoreline hazards on the environment. In order to reduce the risk of shoreline or coastal hazards, it’s very important to take appropriate steps against the threats to preserve lives and safeguard properties.


Erosion has always been and still is, a natural occurrence of the ongoing rock cycle. Several landforms along any shoreline have evolved naturally over many years. Shoreline or beach erosion is a natural process that involves the breakdown of sediments and rocks at the coastline or shoreline, both below and above the surface of the water. Soil erosion is very significant and enhanced by heavy winds or storms events. The extent of shoreline erosion depends on the intensity, number and time span of the winds or storms.  Shoreline erosion also threatens beach infrastructure and properties, such as businesses, roads, and homes. As shoreline erosion occurs, unsafe lives and properties close by are placed even at greater risk.


Shoreline erosion control is a threatening problem. Some people (not living in coastal areas) think that why they should be worried about the condition of some beaches or shorelines, but the truth is that shoreline erosion does that have a negative impact on the environment. That’s why is so important to ensure that shoreline erosion is stopped in its tracks.

There are many different shoreline erosion control solutions. Below listed are just a few steps you can take to protect your economy.

  • Contact the Community Development Department of your areas for getting a construction permit.
  • Build a secure and safe distance from the water surface boundary.
  • Maintain a buffer between your property and the beachfront property line
  • Elevate your property
  • Don’t try to  change the natural environment
  • Ensure that the buildings are positioned a good distance away from the active beach.

To end it up, shoreline erosion may be advantageous, as it results to several new landforms, it increases the chances of land and sea interactions, but it leads to major environmental instability.

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