Some Things That You Must Know About Influenza

How does it escalate?

Influenza, that a large number of people know as flu is caused because of the Influenza virus. It is a contagious disease which can get easily spread by direct or indirect contact. Influenza can  cause serious infectious in the body.

Some Things That You Must Know About Influenza

Common Medium

The most common medium by which Influenza disease spreads is present all around us. One which we cannot escape to keep ourselves away from, air.


  • When a person infected by the virus is coughing and sneezing, he or she releases high amount of virus-laden aerosols. hence this virus from the infected person, gets transferred to a healthy person.
  • This so because the healthy person is around the air, or should we say the infected air. He or she inhales the infected air and the virus starts to act. The virus enters the immune system and the symptoms begin to appear.

Along with coughing and sneezing, some simple activities for example singing and talking can lead to release of these viruses. Health researchers have found that even breathing can also release small volume of these virus containing aerosols. However small the quantity of the virus, it is definitely significant enough to affect the immune system. Affecting the immune system is just the beginning, it is followed by disturbing symptoms. Sickness is on the card if you do not have a strong immune system.

Experts Suggestions

Health experts advise that annual immunisation against influenza is the best defence. Especially for elderly and children, as they have a weak immune system. Immunization through vaccination enables them to fight influenza virus throughout the year, particularly during the winter season. Influenza in serious cases takes the form of pneumonia, and weak bodies of children may not be able to survive this.

Safe for all?

One must understand that influenza is different for everybody and that influenza may cause a mild fever and stuffy nose for one person may affect another person in such an extreme way that it may cause hospitalization and often death.

  • Allergies play a big role in the process of vaccination. Allergies to egg may cause severe reactions to the vaccination shot and also for those who are, at present, suffering from an illness that causes fever.
  • It is advisable for such people to take prior concession of a medical expert to figure out if they should get vaccinated or not.

Ideal time for Immunization

It is advisable that you get a flu shot before the onset of Flu-season. Usually, the duration in which the body develops protection is fourteen days or two weeks after the the vaccine is injected into the body. So the best time for getting vaccinated is before the winter season, as majority cases are reported in the period of six to eight weeks. That is the period between winter and spring season.

Unique thing about Influenza

  • Influenza virus have the ability to change its surface structure. This directly implicates that it is not possible to prepare a vaccine for influenza flu. Hence there is no single vaccine in the market that can cure influenza, or that can give you protection against the disease for a lifetime. If you
  • As the virus changes every year, even if you get immunised from the virus for a given year, your immune system or your body will be unable to guard you against the virus that will be existing in the year that follows. Hence of a new vaccine is launched in the market every year.
  • Find someone telling you that the vaccine will protect you from influenza for a lifetime, then that person is not at all genuine. You must report such cases to the medical department or lodge a Police complaint against the dubious professional.

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