The Aim And The Objective Of SSSTS Training Courses In Essex

The Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme courses are abbreviated SSSTS training courses in Essex and are specifically designed for offering the attendees a very clear overview of their responsibilities for safety and health on the construction sites. Endorsed and approved by the United Kingdom Contractors Group, these courses are regarded as the standard training courses for employees fulfilling supervisory roles on the UKCG sites. The construction supervisors attending these training courses usually get a clear understanding of the things involved in adhering to safety and health legislation along with managing a completely safe and secure site with the help of their respective employees.

The Aim And The Objective Of SSSTS Training Courses In Essex

The Aim

The SSSTS training course is a two-day course that works with the objective of ensuring that all individuals undertaking supervisory responsibilities have a clear understanding of:

  • The reasons why they are undertaking their identified or individual duties.
  • What is expected of them?
  • The fact that it is necessary for them to contribute to workplace safety.

It is important to note that the minimum entry requirement for this course is a basic and proper understanding of written and spoken English.

Who is this Course Suitable For?

The SSSTS Training Courses in Essex is perfect for foreman, first line managers, gangers, supervisors, team leaders and the ones who are about to or have acquired supervisory responsibilities. During this course, different assignments are undertaken in several groups. There are tutors assessing the assignments on a constant basis. There is a short and simple multiple choice examination for the delegates at the end of the course. The delegates successfully completing the assignments and the examination are given certificates that remain valid for five years.

The Content of the Course

The course has its main focus on the significance of risk assessments throughout the sector or industry for construction. The course focuses on the methods that can be used for implementing control measures on construction sites. The course also focuses on the right method of using communication for ensuring that the site is safe for every individual. The content of this course also works on ensuring that the task is carried out in the right manner while following the guides and the advice specified in risk assessments. Some of the most important topics included in this course are Regulation and Approved Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes and The Health and Safety Acts. Other important topics include types, causes and numbers of different construction accidents and The H&S Legal System.

Undergoing the SSSTS training courses in Essex is not a big deal provided you are successful in getting hold of a source or the right body that can offer you the right training in this field. There are several institutions offering this course online. Therefore, you need to be careful in making your choice in order to ensure that your cash is not wasted. Try being informed about the course details and the skills that you will gain post completing the course. This will help you in making accurate decision.

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