These Health Care Tips You Must Teach Your Children

It is necessary to teach some health care tips to children because children need to know what are the things that affects our health from the surroundings. Making the children aware about illness causing weather conditions, food habits, daily routines and some ethics to follow for keeping their health condition in safe levels because children will not strong immune system fight back with the bacteria’s and viruses. Children are the most affected people for weather changes, bacteria’s, viral fevers, viruses and other things because they don’t know certain ways of keeping themselves away from the sickness causing factors. Here in this article we are going to see major health tips you should teach your children and make them aware about the importance of it.

These Health Care Tips You Must Teach Your Children

Washing Hands

Children’s from age 3 year above will play lots of games during the gap times, they play everywhere. They don’t consider the dirt and dust, they just enjoy to play the games. During these game playing, roaming, sitting here and there they place their hands in different locations. The entire environment surrounding us will contain millions of viruses and bacteria. If they mistakenly use their hands for eating or anything like scratching or keeping in their mouth can lead to bacterial infection into their body. So teach your kids to clean their hands regularly before eating, coming home after playing games or school.

Eating Foods

Children’s are attracted to eat the road side food which are not mostly not preferable for our health. The street food vendors may not cook it or made it in hygienic process, we aren’t sure about it. The outside food vendors use certain chemical and sugars to bring the taste of the foods, which are nutrient for the children and can cause sickness. So, tell your kids not to eat unhygienic food outside, even it taste pretty good as it might contain problem causing properties for your stomach.

Using Hand Clothes

It is another primary teaching to your children to use the hand clothes to clean their nose and mouths regularly instead cleaning with their hands or shirts. It is good to give the children a well washed and clean hand cloth to use for sneezing, while getting a cough. Teach them how to use the hand cloth to clean their nose and mouth after eating or after they sneezed, show them how to protect themselves from some cough that can contain dangerous viruses. In heavily polluted areas these cloths can also used as a mask to protect from breathing the polluted air.

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